16 June, 2019

A day trip to Idaho Springs, where Gold Rush began

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Idaho springs is a historic town located in Clear Creek county of Colorado. This city is founded in 1859 when the first Colorado Gold rush has begun. Mining has been responsible for the growth of Idaho springs and now, it carries rich heritage.

From Scenic byways to hot springs to waterfalls and Gold mine tours, this quaint mountain town has to a lot to offer. 

How to reach?

Denver is the nearest airport. Check these flight options with fare less than $200:

Lake Dillon is just 38 mins drive from Idaho springs and Dillon Marina offers rental boats. This lake is gorgeous nestled in a scenic place with mountains in the background. Advance reservation is preferred for boating but it will make an unforgettable experience to anyone.

After boating, we went to an easy hike of about 0.6 miles loop at Saphire point overlook. This hike has good overlook points for photo opportunities and this is a good place for wedding photography. A bonus to this hike is watching chipmunks. Kids would surely love to see them and chipmunks are absolutely friendly posing to the photos and jumping around people.

Mt. Evans scenic byway in Idaho springs is a must visit. This is the highest paved highway in North America. Mt Evans Summit is opened only from memorial day to Labour day, weather permitting. This road reaches an elevation of 14,130 ft above sea level in just 14 miles from the visitor station.

We drove through clouds and fog as we reached to the summit. The rock house on the summit is great too. The drive has breathtaking views.

This picnic stop near Chicago Forks before Mt Evan's Visitor center is easy to be missed.

Our next stop was to St. Mary's Glacier which is around 1.5 hrs from Mt.Evans. The hike is tough and it is a very rocky road of around 1.5 miles to watch the lake on the way to the glacier. It is not easy to hike with kids.

We have planned to drive through Guenella pass which is 30 mins from St.Mary's glacier but didn't have enough time to cover this.

On the highway, while returning from St.Mary's Glacier, spotted this waterfall. Isn't it amazing?
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A few more places that you can cover in a trip to Idaho springs are the gold mine tour at Phoenix gold mine / Argo Mill tour, Hot springs, Oh my Gawd road and the casinos at Black Hawk/ central city.
Argo Mill
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Stay in Idaho Springs!


  1. What a beautiful place! Glacier must have been amazing

  2. The drive through clouds and fog must have been the best part! I remember visiting a hill station nearby during winter, and we were engulfed by the clouds as we walked to the market place near our resort. What a lovely feeling it was! :)

    1. Yes Shilpa. Drive through clouds is amazing part of our whole trip.

  3. This place looks very interesting and beautiful. The best part is so much outdoor activities could be done.

    1. Right Debidutta, many outdoor activities.

  4. Loving your travelogues!!! Keep them coming...

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Cindy.

  5. Anonymous10:04 PM

    nice place and these picture are great and tempting

  6. This is such a Beautiful place. I love your travel blogs.. very interesting.

  7. Have known about the glod rush from the old classic Hollywood movies. It is evident that Idaho has much more to offer for relaxing as well as adventure.
    Thanks for sharing.


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