30 June, 2014

His Last Wish - Drabble Week - Day 2

Born with intelligence, he could convert every penny to Gold with his hard work.
Achieved every success in his life, experienced all luxuries, 
and helped his children to settle abroad leading happy lives.

His last wish was only to see his family at least once
before he closes his eyes in an old age home.

P.S: Written in response to Drabble week - 55ers by Marathon bloggers for Day 2 prompt 'His Last Wish'
#Marathon bloggers #Drabble week

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  1. Anonymous6:27 AM

    This was filled with pathos, Ramya. I could feel his pain, especially in that last sentence.

  2. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Aww that is so sad. I could feel it too and having seen some people doing that it was all the more real! ~ Simran

  3. True Sailaja and Simran.. i have heard and seen many instances like this where people earn a lot and do hard work, but at last they wish to have loved ones around.

  4. Sad tale of so many elders around us :(


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