21 July, 2014

Living life with Zest

Zest is living life witch excitement, anticipation and energy as per Wikipedia. What a positive word it is? Life becomes routine by eating food, going to office, working till night, eating and sleeping. Everyone needs something to relax, rejuvenate and hope for.  Many spend time on spa, shopping, adventure, travel, books, movies whereas, few just need to rest and spend time with close ones on weekends.

There is a cool contest by TATA motors to blog about 5 things/ people/ objects/ memories / situations that add zest to our lives.. Here goes my list of 5 :-)

Travel : First and foremost thing is travel. Exploring the nature, trekking, bird watching, enjoying waterfalls, misty mountains, rainy forests, going on nature treks, forming castles on beaches, playing hide and seek with water on beaches, watching early sunrises and sunsets.. there are many more experiences that travel gives you. Just a pollution free, pure nature heals everything and gives you a positive energy. Don't you think so?

Family time: We all work hard to earn money only for the benefit of our family, to make our family members happy, to make our lives more comfortable. So, spending time with them gives more energy than any other thing. A lovely outing with family, a candle light dinner, a small party/ get together with close ones, watching a comedy movie with family and friends having popcorn and cracking jokes, playing carroms, cooking and eating together.... there are many in the list :)
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Work: Don't misunderstand me! iam not talking about office work. Any work that interests you.. i love software testing, i enjoy my office work too.. this field is interesting, as you wont use bookish knowledge to find issues and you feel more than satisfied when you try new ways to find critical defects. I also love writing. It gives me energy. It makes my heart light penning down my thoughts. It is one creative way to vent out frustration :p I believe that an idle brain is devil's workshop. Yes, it will be difficult to work all times, but no work also makes me depressed. Our brain is designed to think and we cannot keep it idle for long time. What say?

Creative side of you! Check the creative side of you. Many people think, they don't know any art/ they cannot learn any/ they don't know what will make them happy. Music and Dance are best stress busters and give you instant energy. There is a proverb, Dance like no one is watching. Try it. Preparing crafts with something useless, cooking a tasty meal, trying out a new snack item, preparing greeting cards, writing poetry, listening to music, taking up a new hobby like stamp collection, reading comics, books.. what not.. Every individual is unique and each one may have some specific interest.

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Aroma therapy/ Spa: Few people are very concerned on the perfumes they select. Ofcourse, there is a reason. Some specific scent  might give you peace or some specific smell may irritate you. I love spas not only because of massage, but also because of the smell of creams they use. Try lighting the room with only scented candles one day, of course we have to choose the aroma that we love. Aroma therapy or spa soothes our body and relaxes it. You will be surprised of the positive vibes it creates around you.

What are the situations/ objects/ things that make your life exciting? Please do share in comments. Would love to know :)

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