04 July, 2014

Thief of my heart - Drabble week - Day 6

Days passed, years passed, they like each other's company 
there is still attraction  between them even after 6 years of their married life
He told her, 'you are thief of my heart', 
She teased him saying, 'heart can't be stolen, don't be silly', 
while smiling to herself and thanking God for her love and luck.

P.S: Written in response to Drabble week - 55ers by Marathon bloggers for Day 6 prompt 

'Thief of my heart' #Marathon bloggers #Drabble week

Until next time,


  1. Oh yes.. Hearts can surely be stolen. Loved that teasing conversation.

  2. I know who said these words to whom ;-)

  3. you are such a brilliant Jyothi ;-)


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