26 July, 2014

Lucifer's Lungi by Nitin Sawant- [Book Review]

This copy of book is provided by Fablery publishers for review.

Book details:
Title: Lucifer's Lungi
Author: Nitin Sawant
Publisher: Fablery publications, Bangalore
Genre: Psychological thriller
No. of pages: 111

Protagonist is a manager/ supervisor in a software company in Madras bored with his work, tries to escape the monotony of his life by travelling to different places in Tamil Nadu. Without knowing the local language much, he adventures to travel to interior parts as well as famous places on his own. Story is about one such journey which shakes his ideology and makes him believe in the local legend of a village. 

Once, he travels to a completely unknown place just by choosing a passenger bus with unpronounceable destination name. It is a simple village with many temples and myths around it. He becomes host to chief priest's family of Palayar temple and makes friendship with Priest's son who knows English and a young lad of Tea shop. Story starts casually with his interest to visit all temples in the village without giving any attention to the stories behind them or mythological tales which conflict with his scientific mind. He is not an atheist, but believes that bad can happen only when we do something wrong and not because of anything else. There is no need to be afraid of anything. But, his new friend 'Sarvana' (Priest's son) has a complete different ideology on God and myths in the village. Sarvana believes in the legends of the village about Lord Palayar and Saitan 'Luganar' and tells him many instances of people disappearing from village leaving behind their Lungi who are attacked by 'Luganar'. Sarvana asks his tourist friend to perform puja to protect himself from Luganar's attack. Ofcourse, or hero rejects and wants to return to Madras on the same evening as he has to be in the office next day.

From here, the story takes a turn. Many things happen when the protagonist waits on the road alone to return to madras which make him believe all the legends told by Sarvana. All his beliefs and logical thinking wipe away from his mind by facing a horrific situation and at last he is saved somehow in a funny way. Thrilling story in the last few pages turns out to be a light humor at the end. 

What is good? 
Writing style is easy flowing and humorous to some extent. Overall plot of the story is good. It's good that story is short (only 111 pages). Starting might be boring, but it becomes page-turner in the middle and ends in a light note.

What is not good?
No specific negative thing to point out. Story becomes boring in the middle. Conversations between the protagonist and Sarvana are very lengthy. 

I would recommend this to: people who love a light read, thriller, short novel with humorous take

My rating : 4/5

Loved it completely without any doubt. Another positive is it's a fast read, i could complete in 2 hours :)

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This is not a paid review and it is my honest opinion.

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