08 July, 2014

Plan for a dream trip through skyscanner - Malaysia

As you all know, i love travelling to the core. Planning before travelling is very difficult task, that too if you are going for a trip with a toddler. Cheap and comfortable flight, hotel, local tour operator, selection of tourist places which are safe for kiddoo, getting to know about good food joints, which are healthy and not so expensive etc., there are many to the list.. It's kind of tedious task. 

What if there is someone who can help in planning? Atleast, help you to compare and book inexpensive flights and comfortable accommodation with no extra fees? That's when i found this site - skyscanner.com. As you know from my old post that i have already planned my dream trip to Malaysia here, this is the next step to make it realize!

Step 1:
Navigate to www.skyscanner.co.in. Search for the flights from India to Malaysia by selecting dates and airport.

Step 2:
Compare prices from different sites and choose.

Step 3:
Click on 'Hotels' tab, which will automatically show accommodation options with deals which suit our search criteria. Don't forget to check ratings before choosing one! There is a 'Map' option so that you can choose a hotel nearer to the maximum tourist places.

Step 4:
As you already have decided upon the places to visit(list of places in my wishlist), it's time to plan for a car hire. This will help you to compare car hire prices from different sites. Next tab 'Buses' will allow us to plan transport between different places in Malaysia.

Isn't it helpful? So, next time, be sure to remember this site while planning for an international trip :)

Until next time,

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  1. Cool site with all the necessary info! So now the third step comes with the blog post when u made ur dream trip comes true :-)

  2. i wish for it :) But you know its not possible till atleast one year


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