23 July, 2014

Travel - Inspiration from Fragrance #InspireAFragrance

This post is written for contest #inspireAFragrance from Godrej and indiblogger.

Who doesn't love taking a break by going to a misty hill station? Iam thinking about what all the memories that we enjoy other than travel while visiting hill stations. This contest from Godrej made me think about fragrance. Of course, there are many memories attached to different smells that we experience during travel. Iam talking about good smells only here :p

Refreshing eucalyptus oil fragrance: I love the refreshing smell of Eucalyptus oil when i travel to hill stations or having a walk or trekking in forests. We all know, this oil has many medicinal benefits and one of them is to cure bronchitis and nasal congestion by breathing its vapor. It is also effective in reducing fever and treating fungal infections. But, i feel, just breathing it gives peace to the soul. Isn't it refreshing? 

Smell of mud in rain: Wow! i hope, many of you love this smell like me :) The smell from mud that comes just when it drizzles or just before it starts to rain is too good..

The smell of Flowers: Jasmine flowers are mostly wore by Asian women in hair. Their sweet smell spreads to hair and also cools the brain. Also, jasmine flowers are used in many perfumes and to prepare tea. Rose is the king of all flowers, what say? Their fragrance might be the reason why men choose it to propose their love :) Extensively used in spas also right? Usually, we will have flower shows or rose gardens in many hill stations like ooty, kodai and Shimla. Visit for sure next time..

There are many other smells that inspire me - mysore sandal agarbathi, sweet smell of hot chocolate, oils/ creams that they use in spa and massages etc.,

Thanks for Godrej for this cool contest #InspireAFragrance which made me re-live those memories with sweet fragrance :)

Until next time,

Image courtesy: From google images(labeled for commercial reuse).

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