06 July, 2014

Women standing up when needed - A mardaani

Have you seen the recent ad in television, where a girl shrieks at eve teaser in a bus stop? Its very simple and straight forward solution to the problem. She shrieks at him more than 2 times, until he feels humiliated and runs away from the spot. Didn't remember the brand though.. 

Women are not safe in India anymore. They have to learn taking care of themselves and solving their problems. There is no use in feeling shy or humiliated when someone touches private parts in a crowded bus/ street. There is no use in feeling depressed as victim when something wrong happens to them and whole society blames victim instead of abuser. It is time to stand up for ourselves, even at the cost of opposing our entire society's mindset. This below incident is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at BlogAdda.com for Indian Blogger.

Sushma was in her first year of 12th standard and so, she is very much excited to go to the college. Since it is first year and first day of the college, didn't have any friends yet, so travelling alone. College is around 40 mins from home. Slowly bus is becoming crowded and loud music is playing in the city bus. People are getting in and getting down and she didn't concentrate on people in the bus, until one person sitting behind touched at her back and looked away. He is repeating the same thing and she doesn't know what to do. Everyone are in their own world, listening to music or waiting for their stop to push the crowd to get down or engrossed in reading news papers. She turned back and shouted to him to behave properly, but he holded her hand and challenged her to do whatever she wants to. He seemed to be a senior in the college and since most of them are from the same college, they were staring silent afraid of him. Some women also suggested her to cool down and move to some other place. 

She doesn't like to move to some other place accepting the defeat when it's not her fault. She stood at her place and slapped him hard when everyone stopped and watched in shock. She shouted that he cannot behave like this and threatened him that she will complaint to college principal and also would call her uncle immediately who is a DSP(lied on this fact just to threaten him). Then, people in the bus started reacting, scolding him to get down. She knew it will have impact as he is from same college, but in her opinion, not reacting to something wrong is equal to encouraging the wrong. Yes, she is a mardaani.

Do you agree?

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  1. These kind of things will go on until the victim, the girl will take it quietly! Shame on the on lookers who didn't help her. she did the right thing by standing up for herself!


  2. Stand Up....
    that is what i want to say....

  3. true Geetika, i would say react without suffering

  4. Ya Swathi.. but girls not reacting for these kind of things is very common in india, we are not encouraged to create hullabullo and always advised by elders to adjust or move away. This might be the time when change started slowly.

  5. These days, you have to take your stand yourself. We need that courage in every other girl. Salute to her courage :)

  6. true Anmol.. standing for one self is important.


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