24 December, 2018

Review Of Premium Baby Wipes Launched By Mother Sparsh #UnscentedWaterWipes #MedicalGradeFabric #SuperThickwaterWipes #SensitiveWipes

Every mother chooses the best and safest option for her child. Recently, Mother Sparsh has come up with the new premium variant of wipes which are 99% pure baby wipes. These wipes were the best wipes I have ever used as they are Unscented, super thick and sensitive baby wipes. Mother Sparsh water wipes are also biodegradable in nature which I think is the best part of it.

Here is my detailed product review of Mother Sparsh unscented wipes:-


The newly launched Mother Sparsh baby wipes are fragrance-free. 

It is shocking to know that other baby wipes brands add chemicals to keep them soft, to prevent bacteria growth and to give them fragrance. Phenoxyethanol is added in most of the baby wipes to give them fragrance. Some of the wipes tested by researchers found malic acid or tocopherol acetate or propylene glycol which are harmful and might create irritation to baby's skin, eyes, and lungs.

But, Mother Sparsh unscented baby wipes are free from these kinds of harsh chemicals.

Extra thickness:

Baby wipes should be soft and gentle on the skin but if they are not thick, they tear off easily. The #SuperThickWaterWipes from Mother Sparsh are strong as well. These unscented baby wipes are made with medical grade fabric. These cottony cloth/ fabrics will help in cleaning the baby's skin in a gentle way. Moreover, the fabric is 3 times thicker than other baby wipes, which is great.


If the packaging is good, it is easy to store and take off the wipes easily with one hand. The pack of 72 baby wipes comes with a plastic lid now so that the moisture content is retained inside. 

Mother Sparsh is doing its part for the environment by producing 100% biodegradable wipes. Since we use a lot of wipes in the first 6 months of the newborn, using a biodegradable product is definitely helpful for the environment.

Here is the link to buy Mother Sparsh's #ExtraThickBabyWipes which are #UnscentedWaterWipes.


Mother Sparsh baby wipes are free from alcohol and parabens which are found in other baby wipes brands. So, they are completely safe for sensitive skin. The ingredients are purified water, jojoba oil, and aloe vera extracts.

What makes this product special?

1. Fragrance-free - thus, no chemicals added for fragrance
2. Extra thick fabric - these wipes are 3 times thicker compared to other wipes
3. Eco-friendly - these are 100% biodegradable
4. Plant-based fabric - the fabric is as good as cotton and water. It restores the baby's natural soft skin
5. Skin type - Good for sensitive skin/ gentle skin
6. Water-based wipes - 99% pure water wipes

Why do I recommend the brand 'Mother Sparsh'?

The reason is simple. These wipes are safe and effective than any other baby wipes. I liked the concept of the brand which says - cleaning is not the only important aspect of baby wipes but health concern is also a priority. Mother Sparsh hypoallergenic (non - allergenic) wipes are safe to use and free from harmful chemicals like paraben and alcohol. Of course, these prevent the diaper rash as well. 

If you are still thinking on how safe it is to use baby wipes containing alcohol and other chemicals, switch to this brand without fear. Also, let me know how you like the brand.

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