29 August, 2023

The Unbroken Horizon by Jenny Brav - [Book Review]

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Book Details: 

Title: The Unbroken Horizon

Author: Jenny Brav

Genre: women's fiction, historical fiction 

Source : A free advanced review copy from the author

Print length: 422 pages

Publisher: Atmosphere press


What if the key to your wholeness lay in your wounding?

2011: Sarah Baum is a white humanitarian nurse who's worked in conflict zones for years. When recurrent nightmares of being a scared Black girl hiding in the forest cause her to make a near-fatal mistake, she's faced with her biggest challenge yet: how to heal from her past. And who is the girl in her dreams?

1914: Fourteen-year-old Maggie Burke flees the land where her family works as sharecroppers after witnessing the lynching of her brother and father. She eventually finds her way to New York and later Washington, DC, where her personal demons finally catch up with her. Will she have to give up everything she thought she wanted to follow the wild, poetic voice wishing to emerge through her?

Alternating between Sarah's deep dive into her childhood and ancestral wounds, and Maggie's journey from survival to forging her own path, The Unbroken Horizon explores the ways humans survive, heal, and even thrive in the face of individual and collective trauma.

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My Review:

There are 2 parallel stories that run in the book - Maggie and Sarah's lives. These two women are from different timelines , and backgrounds. I usually love these kind of stories with strong women characters in different timelines. This blurb seemed interesting for me to pick this book.

I love how the author portrayed both the characters and their inner troubles. I liked reading about different concepts discussed in Sarah's counseling sessions with Patrick. I really enjoyed reading about how a therapist can guide people to positive thoughts and make their life better.

Maggie's life is full of problems and a lot of hurdles in each step. I really liked how she overcame her problems , gained knowledge, education and became a popular author. I love the poems mentioned in the book.

What would have been better?

The narrative might have been better. The author couldn't hold my focus till the end of the book. It became boring at some point. This might be due to the fact that I get bored with non-fiction. This book is not completely fiction, it portrays the times when racial discrimination was at its peak in US. This is not a fictional story with twists.
The switching between the 2 stories is little tough for me to follow. I felt like the story is going on a very slow pace.

My Review: 3/5

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

About the Author:

Jenny Brav was born and raised in Paris, France, to American parents who instilled in her a love of words, a sensitivity to the human condition, and a passion for travel. She did humanitarian work in Asia and the Middle East before settling in Oakland, California, where she practices holistic healing. 

In her spare time, she writes poetry, dabbles in vegan cooking, chases waterfalls, and caters to her calico cat’s whims. 

The Unbroken Horizon is her first novel. It brings together the themes that are close to her heart, especially how we find wholeness within our wounding.

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