27 August, 2023

3 Beautiful Scenic View points in Austin

Austin is the State Capital of Texas and is a music lover's paradise. This place is also famous for hiking trails with many beautiful lakes and parks around. 

Since we moved from Colorado springs, we still search for scenic views, especially the best lookouts anywhere we go. Iam glad to find these beautiful scenic View points in Austin. With lady bird lake in the heart of the downtown, rolling hills and several state parks around, Austin is scenic when compared to other cities in Texas.

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Here are 3 beautiful View points in Austin:

Mount Bonnell:

This is the spot we take all our visitor friends and they are always amazed at the beauty of Austin. This is the best place to watch Sunset, but getting parking is a little tough.

You can take the steps or hike from the right to a view point with the view of Lake Travis, Pennybacker Bridge and the surrounding areas. It's an easy hike / walk. Read the travelogue here.

Overlook from the top of Mt.Bonnell

Pennybacker Bridge Overlook:

I have seen this Bridge and Overlook in many Austin travel magazines, news channels and blogs. This seems like an Austin trademark kind of place.

The trailhead is just before the Pennybacker bridge/ 360-degree bridge. There is not a lot of place to park cars and the Sunset is the busiest time.

Trust me when I say this simple hike with little elevation will blow you away. The view of the bridge, lake and the surrounding houses is a treat to watch. It never disappoints.

Oasis on lake Travis:

Another trademark place in Austin. It's a must-visit. Either having date night or just strolling around, it's completely worth the trip.

The road leading to Oasis is also beautiful with many ups and downs.  I can see why they say Austin as rolling hills.

This is a beautiful place to have special dinner with a view. The shops and the sculptures are also wonderful. Read the full travelogue here.

Restaurants with a View

Have you watched these places in Austin? How do you like them? Do let me know in comments.

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