10 February, 2023

Mount Bonnell, Austin TX #WriteAPageADay

 Mount Bonnell is a popular tourist destination in Austin. It is located in Covert Park.

This is also one of the highest points in Austin at 775 feet above sea level. (This seems like less height after driving to viewpoints at 14,000 ft above sea level in Colorado:-p) Here is my travelogue on Pikes peak

Austin is in many ways different from Colorado Springs. We were surrounded by mountains in Colorado Springs and we were obsessed with driving on mountain roads enjoying the scenery of curved roads reaching high altitudes. The view from the mountains is different every time we visit and in every season. A few days, it's clouds and the Sun, some days,  it's hail, rain, and dark clouds, and some days, it's less visibility, mist, and snow. However it was, we enjoyed all those flavors of nature.

Here in Austin, we are amazed by the rolling hills, the ups and downs of roads, the scenic views of Lakes and rivers, and urban architecture. Mount Bonnell is one of the best places that will always be amazing on any day.

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Mount Bonnell

A short climb of around 100 stairs will take you to a viewpoint where we can enjoy 360-degree views of the Colorado river, Lake Austin, and surrounding mountains.

This limestone height was named after George W Bonnell, who came to Texas with others to fight for Texas Independence, in 1836.


3800 Mount Bonnell Rd

The place is open every day from 05.00 to 11.00 PM. There are no public toilets and this place is not stroller friendly. Be aware that you need to climb 100 stairs. It's around 0.3 miles in terms of length.

Wonderful place to watch Sunrise and Sunset.

The View of the houses there is also great. There are multiple viewpoints when you walk around after climbing the stairs. You can also watch the Penny Backer bridge from here.

Hope you liked my short travelogue. 

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