01 February, 2023

The Things I am Grateful For #WriteApageADay

 Prompt: The Things I am Grateful For

Love and Family come first when I think of gratefulness. But, this post is about the things that I am grateful for and not people/feelings.


I am grateful for the advanced phones that we are able to enjoy these days. Mine is a Samsung Galaxy and my husband's an iPhone. So, you can understand we usually have an iPhone Vs Samsung war :-)

Coming to the benefits, I read a lot of books on my Kindle App on my phone. That's easily accessible any time when I want to read. 

When I get bored, I scroll through Instagram and Facebook. I use Instagram a lot for my travel research - saving the list of places that I want to go, noting unique accommodations, find out the best trails and Instagram-worthy spots. 

I use the Evernote app for all my to-do lists and notes. Be it the blogging post ideas or travel notes, I have it all organized in Evernote which I can access from my laptop as well. 


Is it a thing? or Mother Nature? 

I am grateful for this Earth, its beauty, and the peace nature provides. Just watching the colors of the sky, and enjoying the mesmerizing Sunrises and Sunsets calms my mind. Nature has been such a stress-relieving power. 


I am not a foodie. But, I believe What we eat matters a lot. I cannot handle hunger well, I get cranky and angry. Good food ensures a good mood. 

Fortunately, I need not watch weight much due to my genes, but eating healthy is important to me. I am grateful that I can afford good and healthy food. Food is a basic necessity and we should always be grateful for it.


Life is so tough without money. I am grateful and content with whatever I have. 

Work / Brain activity :

I am grateful that I have something to keep me busy. An idle brain is dangerous. I like learning new technologies, spending time on hobbies, and having time to do activities to stimulate my brain.

Life will be boring without this, right?

Basic Necessities:

I read in childhood about the basic necessities in our life - Food, cloth, and shelter. 

I am grateful for these 3 things, without which we cannot be happy.

What are a few things you are grateful for? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

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