03 February, 2023

Mini Book Reviews of my Recent reads #WriteAPageADay #FridayReflections

 I have become quite busy and blogging has taken a back seat. I have read many books recently but needed more time to write a detailed review on my blog. Thanks to these blog post ideas, I like the idea of writing a mini-review :-)

I am also linking this post to #FridayReflections. Happy to participate in #FridayReflections after a long time. 

Here is the list of my Recent reads:

The Hacienda by Isabel Canas

I wanted to read horror this year just to change my mood. So, picked this book from some friend's recommendation on Instagram. 

The story is written with a world war background in Mexico. 

Loved the story. It says 'Mexican Gothic', but not very scary for me. I liked the way the story is written from 2 people's perspectives. The ending seemed stretchy and boring. The characterization is great. Loved Andres, Beatriz and Paloma. A good thriller. I liked Beatriz and her determination to stay in a haunted house and make things work. 

My Rating : 4/5
Purchase Link : Amazon

Just Like Home by Sarah Gailey

This is also a gothic thriller in similar lines to the Netflix series "The Haunting of the Hill House". Vera returns to her family home when her mom is ill. There are many stories and secrets hidden in the home which pull Vera in different directions. 

The narrative is engaging throughout. The plot opens up a little bit slower. The story is great but I don't like that many things are left unsorted by the end. It would have been good if they mentioned what's in the letters from Francis to Vera. There are many other loose ends in the plot.

James's character is a mystery. His purpose and his stubbornness in keeping the home in his name are unclear.

My Rating: 3/5
Purchase Link: Amazon

The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell

Loved this. A perfect thriller I would say. Till the last few pages, it's impossible for us to predict the storyline. 
The story narrated by different people makes it still enjoyable. How the stories of 2 other people intersect at one point is interesting -  Tellulah, a teenage girl who disappears, and Sophie, the girlfriend of the new school headteacher. There are many other exciting characters with mystery around them.  

It is from the New York Times's best-selling author and this book is recommended in Goodreads reader's choice awards. 


My Rating: 5/5
Purchase Link: Amazon

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

I haven't read a perfect thriller like this in recent days. I can imagine why this book has been one of the best books in 2022 in the thriller category.

The plot has many twists and the story is narrated by multiple characters. So, we get to know the plot through the characters and their perspectives.

Many school friends meet together for the marriage of their friend Will. They all reach an island with no network to attend the marriage. Every person has their little secret. A few people learn some truths about their friends on the island. It is interesting to read about the many shades in each character.

The narrative, mystery, and characters make this book one of the best thrillers. One might remember reading Agatha Christie's books after reading the story.

My Rating: 5/5
Purchase Link: Amazon

What books do you recommend to me who likes thriller and horror genres? Please do let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

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  1. The Guest List has been on my TBR for a while. Must look at the others too. Thank you for joining #FridayReflections.

    1. It's nice to participate in #FridayReflections. Thanks Corinne

  2. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Oops! Not sure if you got my comment. It was unfinished :(

    1. Sorry, the blogger commenting system is not great.

    2. So sorry! this was me. I wanted to share that I liked that you did mini-reviews so there is a mix of book review and what you felt. Thanks for joining Friday Reflections!

  3. Mini reviews are quick guides. Great.

  4. Thank you for the mini reviews! I loved The Guest List and it was one of my favorite reads from last year. I will check out the others on your list :)

  5. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Mahathi, firstly thanks for your reading of my article on my mom's commitment. I liked your interest in reading, wish I could do half of this atleast.Of all your reviews I liked the review on 'Just like Home' by Sarah Gailey.It reminded me of the story 'The Open Wndow' by Saki. The strange coincidence was that the character of Vera exists in this story; but shes an oversmart teenager that can make all the readers like Uncle Nuttel in the story. Worth a reading.

  6. Ooh, I like these mini reviews. I will look up these books. Thank you for sharing, Ramya.

  7. No problem Vinitha. Thanks for dropping by.

  8. Thank you for sharing this post, Ramya. The mini reviews are really handy pointers - will definitely bookmark your post when I plan to look them up.

  9. Loved your review, Ramya.

    You must read The Maid if you like thrillers and whodunnits. It's nail biting and engaging and written so very simply.

  10. Thank you for sharing these mini reviews! By the way, each book is special in itself and the reviews of the above books also encourage reading these books.


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