27 February, 2023

How to make time to read - 3 simple tips #WriteAPageADay

This is my favorite topic to talk about. How to take time out of our busy lives to read?

I love reading a lot. I love thrillers, mystery, horror, contemporary, women's fiction, historical fiction, and travel magazines. My friends often ask me how do you get time to read.

Here are some silly tidbits that help me to squeeze in some time to read.

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Kindle App

I have started reading more when I am reading through the kindle app. I don't have a Kindle - e-reader. I am postponing it for a long time. I might buy some day.

But, the Kindle app on my phone itself is handy. I can read anytime, it updates my reading progress even when I read a little from my laptop on Kindle cloud reader or on my phone. I need not be online to use the Kindle app which is a big plus for me. Whenever there is no internet and I feel bored, I will start reading.

I read while waiting for the kid while picking him up from school or while making the idli/ dosa batter :-) Explore those silly options and small reading slots. 

No Daily target for reading

I believe that we should never read by force or as a rule. Reading is an activity I enjoy. I don't want to make it stressful. So, I don't set a time to read every day. Ya.. that's my tip :-) Don't set a time and do it when possible. 

For me, the time before I go to bed is good. 15 to 20 mins a day sometimes and none on weekends. It completely depends. Sometimes when some book is too good I am tempted to read during lunch break or in the middle of work (that's a secret though )

Pick the genres that you like

This tip can't go wrong. Many of us struggle with reading habits when we pick a book that is not interesting. If there is one genre that interests you, you will feel difficulty putting it down. Trust me on this.

I see many people trying to read the best-sellers like Rich Dad Poor Dad, Who Moved my Cheese etc., But, they don't enjoy non-fiction and feel it boring. Instead, if they pick some other genre, they might continue reading it. 

So, read a variety of books from multiple genres to know which one you enjoy, and try books in similar genres until you get into the habit of reading.

Let me know in the comments if any of these tips work for you.

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