03 February, 2023

An Open Letter to Blogchatter #WriteAPageADay

 Prompt: An Open Letter to BlogChatter

Blog Chatter is a website for the blogging community to share their blogs, and participate in multiple writing-related activities. I might have been a member of blog chatter for 4 years or so. It was under some other name when I joined this blogging community.

Here is an open letter:

Dear Blog Chatter,


It's been a pleasure being part of your community or should we say our blogging community :-) I love the new look of your website with bees and bright yellows.

I am an old friend if you remember me. I joined this community initially to understand the blogosphere. How it works and all. How a blogger writes a post, researches topics, research keywords so that their post comes on the top of the search results, how they choose the best headline, what is SEO, how they incorporate SEO in their articles, how they create infographics, what tools they use, How do they promote their posts blah and blah...

In very less time, I could get some knowledge in all those topics, thanks to you. 

I enjoyed reading others' blog posts in blog rolls and even made many friends. I also submitted my blog posts and felt so happy getting a badge as a top blogger for some of my posts. Cool 😎 

I participated in multiple campaigns and received some free products to review and also many books. 

I also participated in the A2Z challenge, maybe twice. Here is a wonderful A2Z post list about my Colorado Travelogues

I also enrolled in an Alexa improvement campaign and improved my Alexa rank and learned some tips on how to maintain the rank.

Thanks to you for being a friend and guide to many bloggers. 

We, bloggers, enjoy writing blogs as for many of us it's a passion. We are ready to spend more time, tune our skills and become better bloggers with good motivation from blogging communities like Blog chatter.

It's been great so far and I wish we have more fun together learning in the future and showing the power of Indian blogging to everyone else. 

Cheers to more creative collaborations 🥂

Until next time,

Word count : 365

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