04 February, 2008

Chrisma - Chris child game Again!!!

In our company, they conducted Christma - Chrischild game for this year christmas also. But, there is speciality this year. Game is not with our colleagues but with sweet and innocent school children.


There is a corporate social activity club in our company called 'Pole Star'. This is to guide and support poor children for good education. The motto is ‘there is more to life’ …. !!!

Our Pole star team collected photos of children from selected schools in village area around Chennai like Thalambur and Egattur and stuck them on a big chart so that each employee can select a chris child. As usual, rule of the game is to gift chrischild as generously as possible. Some employees have selected more than one child. We bought many gifts to our child and waited for the D-day to meet them in our campus. 

Children from different schools came happily, we organised some cultural activities and snacks for them. My Chris child is studying fifth standard and she is a class toper. It was difficult to interact with her as I don't have much fluency in Tamil. But, it was a nice experience, especially to see the surprise and happiness on her face while opening the gifts.

I pray to God to give me many such opportunities in future.

Until next time..
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