14 April, 2010

Story of my camera


           I love traveling a lot and capturing excellent sceneries and emotions in a camera. This was my passion from childhood. After i got a job as software professional in the starting of my career, i have decided to save money and buy a very good digital camera with all nice features. Time has come to buy my dream camera :). Have done a lot of research in internet, read many reviews and at last selected one from Sony. It is Sony cybershot W55 in unique pink color, 7.1 Mega pixel with 56 MB internal memory, 6.2 cms LCD screen and 2 GB memory card. I made my friend to buy the camera in US and get it for me. I was very happy, as it was the first big thing that i bought with my salary.

             Started taking different photos. I have been to some good places in Tamilnadu and Andhra and could capture many nice pictures. My Picassa web album has occupied 988MB (96.5%) out of total available space which is 1024 MB :)

          I went to a resort one day with my family. By mistake, my camera fell into water :( Mistake was mine only. i wanted to take photos in water too, but i don't know swimming , so couldn't balance and dropped it. I searched for Sony service centers in internet. I was still confident that i can repair it and use it again. I was ready to spend any amount to get it repaired. Hurray!! i got it repaired. :) Another phase of photo sessions started with enthusiasm. 

        One day, i found a problem. My camera LCD light was going dim sometimes. At last, LCD light is completely gone. Cannot see any image or setting :( Again sent for repair. Now, there was a bad news.  LCD screen needs to be replaced and water went inside circuit too. They told it will simply cost around 7k to get it repaired. Oh.. we can get a new camera for that cost. What to do? I had to leave my camera without repair. It is still in my cupboard lying there without use. Story of my wonderful camera ends here sadly :(

       No problem.. My Passion for photography doesn't end here. Now, will try my research in internet for another good camera :)

Until next time..
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