28 September, 2007

'The Seventh Secret' by Irving Wallace - [Book review]

'The Seventh Secret" is a very thrilling book. I have read many books by Irving Wallace earlier like 'The Second Woman', 'The Fan club', but this is the best of his works. The story is about a historic research person and his daughter who are writing a book on Hitler's life. Mostly story revolves around investigation about the last days of Hitler. People from different walks of life like a museum curator, an architect, a journalist , security guard etc., help the lead character 'Emily Archsoft' to discover about a secret about the death of Hitler.
A nice book for all who are interested in reading a thrilling mystery novel.
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22 September, 2007

Coorg Trip

I went to Coorg trip with my office team in August, 2007. Coorg which is also known as Kodagu and Scotland of India, is in western ghats of Karnataka. It is a small village with excellent scenic beauty of mountains, lush green valleys and coffee plantations.

In and around Coorg there are many cottages which will provide pleasant home stay for tourists with traditional food. We stayed in a cottage called 'Dyan's Den' which is nearly 5 kms from 'Abbey Falls'. 'Abbey Falls' is an excellent place to visit, there is a hanging bridge where we can stand very nearer to falls and experience splashes of water on face. Other famous places around Coorg are Tala Cauvery and Kushalnagar. Tala Cauvery is the birthpalce of Cauvery river which is near Bhagamandala. The journey to Tala Cauvery will be exciting through misty Brhmagiri hills. Kushalnagar has many tourist spots like Nisargadhama, Buddhist monastery (Golden temple), Elephant camp etc.,

Its a very nice place for tourists to visit and relax away from polluted city atmosphere.

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08 June, 2007

A nice tour

It has been a long time i blogged something. Life is becoming mechanical with all daily worries. I left my good habit of writing dairy also.

But, tour to 'Thirunelveli' has really rejuvenated me and encouraged me to post another one after long time :-)

I went to attend my colleague's marriage near 'Tirunelveli' (in Tamilnadu, India)with office team. We booked all tickets before one month for Nellai express and Chennai Express. Happily started our journey on June 1st night in Egmore. We reached Tirunelveli junction by next day morning 8.30 and checked into nice lodge near to the station.

We got ready, took breakfast and started our journey to Kariar Dam in a cab via Amba samudram. Kariar is also a tiger reserve forest. Thamarabharani river is passing through it. After crossing the forest, we enjoyed boating to cross the river and reached the water falls. The scenery was wonderful with fresh water running down through rocks. We did a bit of trekking to reach there. Got tired very much by trekking. But as soon as we were under water, we forgot all pains and felt its worth climbing. Water was very fresh and tasting good and it was falling with much force. We played well in water, took some photos and came back to the forest side by boat. We heard there are many good places around like Agasthian falls, kutralam falls and Amba samudram but need to end up our trip as it was evening already.

We participated in marriage on the next day. We went to 'Nalliappar' temple which has a good historic background. The temple was constructed 1300 years ago. Architecture was simply superb and it was extended to nearly 20 yards. At last we have bought the famous 'Tirunelveli Halwa' which was very good. We started our return journey in the afternoon to Chennai with full of new energy.

Friends.. I feel these kind of trips once or twice in a year add spice to our life. Nature is most beautiful thing which makes us stress free and relaxed. It will give fresh energy. Without this, life will be mechanical, boring and routine.

Until next time..
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