30 August, 2012

Found Missing - [Book Review]

Book Details:
Title : Found Missing
Author : Linda Slavin
Source: A free publisher copy for review from BookCrash
My Rating: 2/5

When i started reading this book, first thought that crossed my mind is that women face same kind of problems all around the world. This book is about domestic violence and abuse faced by a married woman with 2 kids. The lead character Lisa marries Vincent, who is very possessive in relationship and abuses and beats her often. Even though she doesn't want the relationship, she couldn't leave the marriage and go off in the middle as she doesn't want to abandon her children. Vincent threatens her that he will kill anyone who supports her, if she leaves him. Story is about how her attitude towards life changes after going to church and experiencing God's power. 

Sometimes i feel, the assumption that there is some one supreme who will protect us from problems will itself gives us strength. We may not believe in God, but just the thought that there is some power behind the Universe may give confidence. Here, Iam talking about people who lost hopes of improvement in their life, who lost their whole confidence, who need inner strength or emotional support. The character of Lisa seems to me like that. She lost hopes, happiness in her life, isolated from her parents/ relatives and there is no one to support or guide her correctly. At this stage of life, she believes in God and could transform her life happy with positive attitude.

This book is neither a thriller nor a page turner. I rated it 2, because there is no strange element or different story line that excites you. It is just a plain story with a message. Sometimes, i didn't feel the behavior of Vincent as realistic. Book seems to be boring in the middle, but this is a nice read. I wouldn't say you will enjoy, but you will close the book realizing the power of faith.

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Image courtesy: www.bookcrash.com
I received this book free from the publisher through the BookCrash.com
book review program, which requires an honest, though not necessarily
positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own

28 August, 2012

My friendship story

Good friends are like natural pearls, very rare to find and valuable. Here goes my friendship story :)

I saw her in my hostel room as one of my roommates, who is reserved and always in her own world listening to music. Initially, I didn’t like her as it is not easy to talk to her, there was a starting problem. What to talk, even if I talk how she will react, is she good to try a friendship etc., many doubts cropped up. There was a language problem too, she doesn’t know my mother tongue at all and her mother tongue is completely alien to me. Only communication channel available is English.

We slowly started talking to each other, sharing our views, interests etc.. One interest that we had in common was reading books. We used to go to library together, read books, exchange, discuss books etc., Iam more extrovert and outspoken than her, I used to talk a lot. She seemed to be matured in her behavior, always balanced and never let out her emotions so easily. Slowly friendship blossomed, she taught me her language, I used to learn and practice talking to her. She always encouraged me to speak only in her language so that I can learn fast and used to correct my mistakes with more patience. We used to watch movies together, roam places and share personal secrets as well. Once she went to some place for her office trip and then realization hit us harder. I could understand how much I miss her. It was horrible. I messaged her and disturbed her on her complete trip and even cried too. Then, we both realized our bond is strong. We are special to each other.

After 7 years from the day I saw her, we are still continuing the same bond, sharing happy moments and worst days and I cannot say in words how important she is to me in my life.  We crossed distance and language barriers and our friendship too is matured in all these years. May God bless her with happiness always, which is the only wish I can ask for.

This is my story :) Do you have any such friendship story about your best friend? Please do share your opinion in comments. 

The language of friendship is not words but meanings. -- Henry David Thoreau

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Image courtesy: zerotips.com, 

20 August, 2012

Washington DC tour

Princeton, NJ to Washington, DC - 182 miles, 3 hrs 40 mins

Journey to US capital started in the morning 7'o clock, thanks to our colleague for his safe driving :) Entered the GPS address to National mall, Washington DC and started through Route 1 of US highway. It was a fantastic drive with hot hot discussions and debates. Stopped for food for half an hour hour in Maryland and reached Washington DC by 12 o clock.
A tunnel before entering the city.. zoom..

Could reach Union station (Metro train and Bus station), after travelling through number of signals and testing all possible ways to enter parking area. It is very difficult to get parking in any place in the city, so we decided to park car in Union station and start the tour in a bus. Had nice Veg pizza.. Veg to be highlighted, as it is very difficult to get a pure veg pizza without egg. 

Took a tour package by bus(Hop on - Hop off buses). It was a pleasant trip as we were able to get an open air seat on the top of the bus to visit places and take photos. But, don't ask about heat, sun was on the top of the head, horrible! :) I liked this concept of hop-on, hop off bus as we can hop off wherever we like, visit the place and get the next bus to go to next stop. Bus frequency was very good and this way we have more freedom to visit our favorite place for more time and spend less time in other places. Audio commentary inside the bus about the places to visit was also good. Here are some snaps..


Loved this quote!

I thought it was my duty to risk my life to learn aviating, and to encourage men and women of the Race... Did you know you have never lived until you have flown?

Last, but not least - The White house

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour :)

Until next time,

14 August, 2012

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom is the condition of being free; the power to act, speak or think without externally imposed restraints as per word web. Then, we are all free, have the power to act, speak and think without constraints in our country. 

Wait.. did I say all? It may not be for all right? We see cases of women forcibly getting married at a young age, taking away their right to education and burdening them with family and health problems. We also see cases of gang rapes, eve teasing which is increasing in numbers year by year. We also see child laborers who don’t have the freedom to choose to study. So, many people don't have the freedom to realize their dreams due to many reasons.

Leaving behind the nation’s problems, what freedom actually mean to you? For me, it’s the power to act without any restrictions imposed like the freedom to pursue my hobbies, freedom to roam wherever I want to, freedom to take decisions of my life on my own.

But, with freedom, comes responsibility. Our responsibility for our nation can be voting in general elections and contributing something to improve living conditions of poor people around us. We can start with helping our servants/ maids to let their children study and help them financially to the extent we can. My maid told me one day that we are so lucky to get everything that we need whereas, it is very difficult for them to make their ends meet with their meager income. I told her - if she makes her children study well, they will also earn good jobs and increase their standard of living. She is making her children study well with that ray of hope. Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom. What do you say?

Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one's own person is its ultimate reward.   – Patricia Sampson

A very happy Independence day to one and all  :) 

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10 August, 2012

Inspector Singh investigates A curious Indian Cadaver - [Book Review]

Book Details:
Title : Inspector Singh investigates: A curious Indian Cadaver 
Author: Shamini Flint
Publishers: Hachette India, Piaktus
Source: Book lovers book review program
Price: Rs.350

Reading the title you may think that it might be an interesting detective story in India. But, this book is not as curious as the title. For the first few pages, we feel boring and the last half of the book will be fast paced contrary to the first half.  If we have already read famous detective stories like Sherlock holme’s or Agatha Christie’s etc., we may not like this plain detective story much. But if we don’t go with any comparison, second half of the book is somewhat gripping and narration is interesting.  

An young scientist ‘Ashu Kaur’ disappears from house suddenly before few days of her marriage. Inspector Singh who is visiting India to attend her marriage agrees to solve the mystery. A dead body is found which is confirmed as Ashu’s by her brother and Mr. Singh investigates the murder case. Mr. Singh finds that the factory in which Ashu is working is responsible for a serious disease in slums and since Ashu knew about that dangerous chemical, she informed her boss on the same day she disappeared. He also finds that Ashu has a lover who is a colleague in her factory ‘Sameer’ who is a muslim, but still Ashu is ready to marry an MBA boy selected by the family as their family cannot accept her to marry a Muslim. Now, what might be the reason for Ashu’s disappearance? Did she she elope with Sameer? OR someone murdered her to suppress the truth that she knows about the factory? OR she suicides to avoid marriage with the boy selected by family?

Writing style:
Shamini’s writing style is simple, but sometimes it gets boring. As she was a lawyer by profession, the investigation discussions seem to be very well written with her experience. Pace of the story becomes very fast at the end with story unfolding layer by layer.

My Rating:
A journey pass time read. I can give 2/5.

Until next time,

04 August, 2012

Love Ya arranged marriage?

Really, it's the best topic for debate na... No one can say which is better. Even if a person has tried and experienced both these ways of marriage, he/ she cannot give a general opinion on this. Because, it varies for each and every individual. A marriage can work or fail depending on many things, it's not a simple formula, but a complex algorithm to understand :)

A successful marriage needs 3 things - Love, trust and understanding. Forgiving, caring and adjusting are required too. Ignoring misunderstandings, egos and selfishness may help.

Basic difference i see between Love and arranged marriage is - In love marriage, you are solely responsible for choosing your partner and in arranged, your parents may help in this. Whatever is the case, you are part of the process and you are responsible for your decision, right? When someone says, if something goes wrong in arranged marriage you can blame parents, i just can't accept. You are not blind folded while choosing your partner even if it is arranged. It is your responsibility to know, understand her/him and try  to make it a long lasting relationship.

Love Marriage:
  • More chance to get to know each other before marriage
  • freedom of choice
  • No guarantee of family support, which might arise problems in future
  • Expectations set before marriage which are difficult to meet after marriage due to work/ other stress
Arranged marriage:

  • Family support
  • Since partner is unknown, not much expectations set before marriage
  • A possibility of incompatible partner
  • family/ parents interference, less freedom

At last, it doesn't matter if it is love or arranged, only thing that matters is the person whom you are marrying :) right?
Sharing a funny saying that i found in web, before i end this post :) 
In a love marriage you marry your boyfriend/girlfriend and in an arranged marriage you marry somebody else's boyfriend/girlfriend.  
Please do share your opinion on love and arranged marriage in comments section. 

Until next time,

Image courtesy: 99 likes.com and jmdias.blogspot.com
This post is written for the contest www.facebook.com/LoveYaArrange.

02 August, 2012

Princeton University photos

I hope you heard about Princeton University.. It is 4th oldest college in USA and ranks 7th position in the world. It has wonderful 500 acre campus.. 
Here are some pics from my camera :)

Albert Einstien - Ex student of university

Liked this very much!

Until next time,

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