27 May, 2015

The Last Omen : Possessed - Ebook - [Book Review] - Blog tour

Book Details:
Title: The Last Omen: Possessed
Author : Steven Nedelton
Genre: Suspense, Occult, horror
Source: E-book Review copy from Absolutely Book-alicious tours

About the book:
This occult suspense story is about a possessed woman, a journalist/author trapped by her demon and a soldier of fortune hunting untouchables. The journalist/author, C. Adams, inherits a fortune from his uncle. He is pursuing a successful business woman when he discovers that she is possessed by a demon. She warns him, but the demon turns vicious and the journalist is exposed to blood-freezing occult encounters. In a parallel narrative, a foreign soldier, married to a New York City nurse, and desperately looking for employment in the New York City, turns to bounty hunting the most dangerous untouchables. At one point, the paths of the two men cross. Detective Richter is trying to unscramble the puzzle, but cannot control the events. What happens next, when demons possess the naïve—is up to the reader to discover. 

The partly true-life thriller tale contains horror settings, unrelenting action and true demon encounters. If you never believed in the paranormal, you will after reading this entertaining book.

About Author:
Steven Nedelton writes suspenseful novels in crime, mystery and paranormal genres. Author’s published titles are: The Last Omen/Possessed, Dance of Shadows/Dangerous Trade, The Raven Affair, Fear!, A Suitcase Mystery, Nemesis--the sequel and Coma Sins/The Madness of Ben Bluman which he wrote with another author, Joseph F. Parente. Steven’s novels were evaluated by the Amazon reviewers, the Midwest Book Review, The US Review of Books, Book Pleasures, Apex Reviews and were rated Five Stars or the equivalent. Fear! received a special five years recognition from the Midwest Book Review Journal in 2011. Currently, Steven is working on his next novel, a new thriller. 

My Review:
This is my first e-book review and i like this genre - horror very much. So, Iam all excited to review this book :-) 

2 stories start in parallel - one about occult writer Aengun Adams and another about Johan a Norwegian ex-military person. The writing style seemed simple and easy to understand and I could complete reading quick. But, at some places I felt, editing / proofing can be better as I observed some spelling mistakes. Story wise /about the thrill factor, I don't have any complaint, as I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Initially, reader might not understand how these parallel stories connect, which is good to keep suspense factor. There are some gory rituals mentioned in the book, but of course they should be part of an occult suspense. Overall, a good read for me.

My rating: 3/5
I would suggest this book to readers who love horror and occult genre. 

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15 May, 2015

My experience with My Airtel App

This is app world, Everyone are using smart phones to get information quick. We want everything on our finger tips - be it paying electricity bill or a bank transaction or recharging mobile on go or booking a cab.

So, here comes an App for airtel users like me. Check this link to know more about app. I have been an ardent Airtel fan from around 8 years or so, had been using vodafone before. Because of good network connectivity i shifted to airtel and I am happy for taking this decision. Today, I have installed my airtel app and here is my opinion on its key features and benefits.

Installed My Airtel app from Google play store as mine is an android phone.  Heard, it is being released for iphones too. Here are some features which i feel are important for me.

Bill Payment:
Basically, i need app to pay my postpaid mobile bills on time. In our busy schedules, we tend to miss the payment last dates and hurry when we find that we missed payment and we have to pay with late fee. So, it becomes easy if an app is accessible to you always, so that you can pay bill at any time when you remember. Isn't it?
I don't use a pre-paid phone, but help friends in recharging their airtel mobile when required. It's very quick and easy with this app.

Track Account usage:
Obviously, this feature is important for most of us. This enables us to choose a proper plan as per the usage. It is good that airtel is providing different packs in each plan. Each pack is specifically for local calling, local sms, STD calls, National roaming, ISD, 3G packs , 2G packs etc., So, if we know how much data we are downloading on 2G/ 3G or how many calls we do regularly, it is easy to choose a perfect plan that suits to us. What say?
For people who use Pre-paid connection, checking the balance regularly is important. So, View balance feature helps them a lot.

Recharge option for broadband/ DTH:
Broadband connection at home is kind of essential these days, as I sometimes work from home too and rely most on the network. So, I would like to use this app to recharge my broadband. Recharge option for DTH is also cool as we cannot miss our favourite movie only for a single reason of forgetting to recharge :-)

So, this is my experience on this app. Overall, app is good. Not very sophisticated, but simple and easy to use. But, I have to try new features yet like tracking service requests, adding new friends etc., Let me try and let you know..

Until next time,

The Silent Scream - [Book Review]

Book Details:

Title: The Silent Scream
Author: Siddhartha Garg
Genre: Fiction
Publishers: Rumour books India
Source: Review copy from author

Story/ Plot: This book starts with the story of a young girl in Benguluru. It is about how the bubbly cheerful girl underwent sexual abuse from her own father and how her mother supported her daughter against her husband and helped her to lead normal life after the shocking aftermath. 
This book takes you through different real abuse stories of several children. The next part covers an interview with child psychologist, which clarifies many myths about child sexual abuse. 

My Review:
It is shocking, but true that child sexual abuse is not very uncommon in our society. Instead of brushing this topic aside, it is better for us (parents) to explain our kids about good touch and bad touch as early as 4 years onwards. One good pointer to be taken is to trust our children when they report abuse. Be open and have patience and let child talk. Else, it is very difficult to get the facts from children. To create an open environment for them to report an issue itself is a great first step against child abuse.

This book is kind of a guide to parents on the preventive measures that we can take to provide a safe environment for our kids. Unlike other books that I have read earlier, this is not a fictitious story. There are many real stories in the book which melt your heart and make you scared of the environment our children are living in. This book also contains some suggestions and pointers given by psychologists on securing our children from sexual abuse .

I appreciate author(Siddhartha Garg) for his thorough research on this topic and his good intention to spread an important message to the world. 

If you want to read a thriller/ fiction book for time pass, you can skip this. If you want to know about child sexual abuse, understand myths behind it, get some pointers on providing safe environment to your kids, please go ahead and read. 

I am not mentioning any negative points about this book because the writing style or language or story are irrelevant in this case and only the final message is important.

My Rating: 4/5

Link to buy this book from flipkart for Rs.139/-

Until next time,

11 May, 2015

Ramayana - The game of Life (Part 2) Shattered dreams - [Book Review]

Book Details:
Title: Ramayana - The game of Life (Part 2) Shattered dreams
Author: Shubha Vilas
Publishers: Jaico Publishing house
Genre: Mythology
Source: Review copy from Author

My Review:

This part of the Ramayana Series covers the story from the decision of Dasaratha to crown Rama as King to Rama's exile to forests with Sita and Lakshmana and the way how different people react to this and cope up with the situations.

I felt very happy when I received a review copy from the author as I liked the part 1. Please read my review of part 1 - Rise of Sun Prince here. This Ramayana series explains how the epic story is relevant to contemporary world. I have learnt many facts about Ravana which I didn't knew earlier - his birth, his lust for power, cruelty, his arrogance etc.,We can understand his character well when he threatens Narada muni to teach some mantra and when he enjoys his pride while stepping on navagrahas daily to reach his throne. Every character is introduced to us with lot of details and this gives a new perspective of the story even though we might have known it earlier.

There are many wonderful lines in the book mentioned in the footnotes section. I want to note these lines and remember them always. I love this book for the wonderful analogies that author mentions.

Few catchy lines in the book which are relevant to contemporary world too

A teacher is like a tap, and a student is an empty pot. For the pot to fill up, it has to sit below the tap. If the pot sits above the tap, it will remain dry even if the tap is running.

Talent without the right attitude is like sweet rice without sugar. Talent brings one to the brink of the bridge to success and right attitude helps one cross it.

How long can one go on with smiling faces and crying hearts? Either till the smile of the face goes to the heart or the cry of the heart reaches the face.

Life is a combination of hope and despair, the one that dominates you carves your personality.

How true all the above lines are..! Overall, this is a book you cannot miss if you like some motivational reads and want to learn something from books. 

My rating: 4.5/5

Until next time,

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