31 August, 2020

Revisiting the Word of the Year #MondayMusings

My Word of the year for 2020 is Self-care. We are already in the 9th month of the year and I want to revisit that post to see where I am with my Goals.

Personal goals set in Jan:

  • Yoga at least thrice a week - I couldn't follow this more than 2 months I believe, so I am going to give it a second try in the coming months.

  • Having nutritious breakfast at the right time every day - I could follow it most of the months. So, on track with this. 

  • Sleeping before 10 am - Could achieve most of the days - On track

  • Making time for hobbies- especially blogging and painting - I decided to step back on a few things due to health reasons and blogging is one of them. No regrets! :-) Could paint a bit though to my satisfaction.

  • Keeping Saturday for myself to relax - The best goal this year! I enjoyed my time mostly every Saturday either by sleeping more or eating out or traveling. Sundays are dedicated to my dance classes in the mornings.
The first few months were busy with office work and health problems which made me realize that I need to spend more time on Self-care then ever.

Nowadays, I am spending more time on just relaxing, taking naps in the afternoons on weekends, watching Netflix on the evenings on weekdays, taking local hikes on weekends, sleeping early every day, preparing simple meals, including more vegetables in my diet etc.,

Reducing my office work is not in my hands but I can better organize my days now. I have cancelled all my morning office calls before 7 Am however important they are. I am hoping I can continue this in future. I am trying to strictly close office work by 4 Pm, though not possible every day. 

I have reduced my time on blogging, book reading, and painting as it seems like I need more rest or reduce my office stress to some extent. 

Do you set goals for the year? or a Word of the Year? If so, do you track them?

Do let me know in the comments.

Until the next time,

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27 August, 2020

A Life time to Move On by Anupriya Chowdhary - Release Day Blitz


~ Release Day ~

About the Book:

When Kumar finds out that his only daughter is in love, he has a tough time coming to terms with the fact that his Doll has grown up already. But his displeasure takes a different turn when he realizes who his daughter’s love interest is.

Sarika couldn’t have been happier at the news of her elder son having found the love of his life. She can't wait to see him happily married. But the revelation about the girl’s parents numbs her as much as it shocks her.

What is it in their past that Kumar and Sarika need to make peace with, so that their children can find their ‘Happily Ever After’.  Will they be able to do so?

Book Links:

Meet Sarika

Sarika believes that she has left her traumatic past and move on in the true sense. And why not?

She is successful, recognized and rewarded. Not only as a social entrepreneur but a loving wife and a doting mother to two sons.

She had really not foreseen that on his annual vacation to India, her elder son would drop a bomb albeit a pleasant one on them. And now she couldn’t wait to prepare for the Shagun for the girl who her son has chosen as the one for himself.

Only if she knew better. However ironical it sounded, but for her son to be happy, she had to clear a test herself. Was she prepared to face the past she had thought she had left far behind in her life?
His silence has angered her then. She had endured a lonely bitterness and worked her way through life. But had she moved on in the true sense? Probably not.  Was she ready to face her demons in person at this age?

The stakes are high. Her only hope is that her nemesis too understood the same. Could they finally patch up after 30 years?

About the Author:
Anupriya belongs to that generation of Idiots (the proud ones though), who did their engineering first and then decided on what they actually wanted to do. She completed her MBA in Human Resources and worked in the corporate world for 8 years, before taking a professional break. A mom by day and a reader/writer by night, Anupriya is a die-hard romantic. Yet she believes that love (in any relationship) is a part of life, not, the heart of life. And she aims to bring to the world, stories around this theme. She can be found in the dot com world at her blog www.mommytincture.com, which contains her ranting about her experiences in her various roles as a mother, daughter, wife and foremost a human being, all churned together. It is also her outlet to the world where she doles out loads of gyaan on self-improvement and relationship management.

Anupriya on the Web:
Website * Facebook * Twitter * Pinterest

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25 August, 2020

Virtual Recital and Editing Videos #MondayMusings

 Now, COVID has become an integral part of our lives and cases are rising and reaching the peak. We all are learning to cope up with COVID. Slowly, Sanitizers and masks are becoming our must-haves. 


I think I got used to this lifestyle now. Working from home, not stepping outside except for evening walks or once or twice a month for grocery visit. We changed our focus to local hikes and scenic drives from weekend vacations and long drives. Cooking at home every day and missing the family vacations are most painful of all. 

Watch our recent Scenic drive (By the way, we started our new Colorado Family Vacation channel :-))

COVID has an impact on all parts of my life - including my Dance school. We would have done our second Annual Recital in the coming week. Of course, COVID changed everything. We moved to online classes from direct classes. So, I thought why can't we do a Virtual Recital.

The second I got the idea, I have informed the Parents, students practiced, and sent their recordings. Time for me to learn a new skill, after all. I have never edited a video or mixing it with audio earlier. 

So, the hunt began for the best free video editing software. Many suggested Kinemaster, but it didn't look that user friendly to me and there is not enough time to get used to that software. Kapwing.com and Windows Photos App came to my rescue. They helped me to edit my videos in less time. Canva.com as usual helped me with the graphics, title, and Choreography slides. 

The final output is satisfying though not perfect. That's how I learned a new skill in the last 2 months. Every day I used to spend hours and hours editing multiple videos of our student performances and uploaded them to Youtube and our Facebook group.

If you are interested in watching Indian Classical Dance videos, check out my channel, and follow my Facebook group.

Youtube Channel:


Facebook Group:


I am glad to write again for #MondayMusings :-) Thanks to Corinne for starting this link-up again. I might not be regular in linking up, but I love to join whenever I can.

Until next time,

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15 August, 2020

Gratitude List for July 2020 #GratitudeCircle

 With this COVID and Social distancing, days are just going one after the other without much change in the routine. However, this weekend is relaxing for me as I took off from dance classes and even cooking for a day!

So, Here comes my quick Gratitude list for the month of July.

1. Scenic drive

We couldn't travel much this summer and all our plans are thrashed by COVID :-( 

Fortunately, we could go on a scenic drive for a day trip. One Sunday afternoon bored with staying at home, we quickly searched for scenic drives near us and we started within minutes. 

I feel thankful to call Colorado Springs our home as this is such a beautiful place with a lot of hikes and scenic drives around. 

Rampart Range drive is kind of a hidden gem, not a popular tourist attraction. It's a dirt road with lots of curves, scenic views with no place to take a U-turn. So we had to travel around 1.5 hrs till the route ended near Woodland Park. We got a glimpse of a rainbow as well :-)

Did you watch our Video?

2. Work

Work has been pretty much the same even in July. Some pressure, some challenging work and, more overtime. 

I am grateful for learning and improving my technical skills on job day by day. I am also grateful to God to have a job in such tough times outside.

3. Health

I could maintain my health well in July. I could go to yoga class every week and practice at least weekly thrice at home. I am advancing bit by bit in Yoga and learning breathing exercises and some interesting asanas. 

I am very happy to make my body flexible.

4. Dance Classes

Since we couldn't do the Annual Recital of our Dance school - Kala Deepika Dance Academy this year due to COVID, we planned for a Virtual Annual Recital. 

Rain or Sunshine, we dance :-)

So, I was teaching and correcting my students in online classes in July. I could see a lot of improvement in students over the last year even though face to face classes might have had more impact. 

I am grateful to the technology available to everyone to practice, teach, and learn to dance online. 

One more good news!

I am going to start my Dance school website soon!

Also, if you are interested in watching Kuchipudi Classical Dance videos, here is my channel.

Kala Deepika Dance Academy

5. Varalakshmi Pooja

I am glad that I could do this pooja like I do every year. But, I did a lot of multi-tasking this time, preparing Naivedyams (offerings to God) in the middle of work calls and decorating the idol. 

It was tough really but I am glad I could. This is a yearly tradition for all Telugu women.

That's about my July. Hope you all are having a Happy August.

What are you grateful for this month or in July?

Do let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

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11 August, 2020

The Counterfeiter’s Daughter by Victoria Marswell - Book Blitz


Publication day: 5th July 2020

Genres:  Romance, Suspense

An empathetic psychologist, Madelyn Brighton trusts no one. She maintains a solitary and organized life with a serene view of the beach.
Everything changes when bad news forces her to leave sunny California and travel to Bavaria in south Germany. Amid 19th-century castles and dark family secrets, she must deal with the repercussions of her estranged father’s shocking counterfeiting crimes when she secretly inherits a priceless artifact.
Complications ensue when Madelyn reluctantly partners with the adventurous, blue-eyed archaeologist Jake Nolan. He promises to help her evade Leon Von Füssen, a prominent and wealthy art conservator who keeps them on the run as he tries to get his hands on the valuable museum piece Madelyn hides.

Madelyn finds herself caught in the middle of a rivalry between Jake and Leon. Will she succeed at protecting the innocent victims affected by her father’s mistakes, trust Jake with her safety and open herself to love again? Or will the counterfeiter’s daughter suffer the fallout of her father’s choices?

Join Madelyn on her thrilling journey of romantic suspense—from disillusionment to faith, bitterness to forgiveness, and loneliness to the prospect of love.

Purchase Link

Amazon US - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0893PM7YK/r 

Amazon UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Counterfeiters-Daughter-Victoria-Marswell/dp/173501351X/



Author Bio

Victoria Marswell is a romance suspense author. Victoria started writing poetry and short stories in her early teens. She majored in biblical studies at Hope International University and incorporates inspirational Christian themes into her writings. Victoria is a world traveler and sets her stories in the locations she has visited. At 17, she traveled to Germany and Austria where she was inspired to write her debut novel, The Counterfeiter’s Daughter. Victoria continues to travel the world; creating and writing romantic and thrilling adventures. She lived in Orange County, CA. for 38 years and currently resides in Portsmouth, NH.

Media Links

Website - https://www.victoriamarswell.com/ 

Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20371336.Victoria_Marswell 

Twitter - https://twitter.com/vicmarswell 

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VicMarswell/ 

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/victoriamarswell/ 

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08 August, 2020

Truly Madly Crazily in Love by Esha Pandey - Book Blitz


~ Book Blitz ~

Truly Madly Crazily in Love by Esha Pandey 

About the Book: 
What happens when you can't let your first love go? What happens when you keep hoping that the one that got away, will be yours again...forever?
Sue is short, vivacious and dreamy. Viv is tall, spirited and focussed. Dressed to the nines on School Social, she bewitches him. He kisses her. She kisses him back. They fall in love. But the kiss that should have sealed their love, becomes their undoing.
Sue is truly, madly and crazily in love with him. There is no one like Viv. She pines for him, but he can't be hers. Days go by and she is still head over heals in love with him.
When she finally lets him go and is ready to start over, he walks into her life again.
Hearts are broken. Promises are shattered. Lives are wrecked. Love is tested.
In a tale transcending time, Sue and Viv weave a story of love like none other. Will hope, trust and love win the test of time? From Lucknow, to Delhi to London, will Sue finally have her happily ever after? Read this sweet romance to find out.

Book Links:
Goodreads * Amazon

Read an Excerpt from Truly Madly Crazily in Love by Esha Pandey

Sukirti lingered on at the gate a bit longer than necessary. She wondered if her mother had noticed how she was lost in her thoughts when she walked in. She certainly didn’t comment on it. Sukirti went directly to her room. She had never experienced the kind of rush she felt with Vaibhav. When she was pressed to him on impact because of the speed breaker, it was as if her whole body had exploded. She was tingling wherever her body had touched his. She knew this was different than anything she had ever known. She remembered her elder cousin Garima telling her about her boyfriend and how he made her feel. At that time, she had not thought it was possible to feel like you were on fire. That day, she understood.

Was she developing a crush on Vaibhav?

About the Author:

Esha Pandey, is an author and a police officer. She made her debut as an author with her book I Will Meet You There, a collection of short stories.
Esha is an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer of the 2010 batch. She has a Masters in International Relations and Masters of Philosophy in American Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. Before becoming a civil servant, she dabbled with the idea of being a journalist and worked with Times of India as a copyeditor. She has won a United Nations FPA Award for Excellence for the “Best Short Story”.
Esha has kept her passion for writing alive through her tough assignments in policing because writing is music for her soul. Her TDH hero is her partner for life, her husband Rajiv, who supports her in all her endeavors. When she is not doing either, policing or writing, she is busy dealing with her two bundles of naughtiness, her sons. 

Esha on the Web:
Twitter * Facebook * Instagram

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06 August, 2020

A Colorful Dino #WordlessWednesday

Until next time, 

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