25 August, 2020

Virtual Recital and Editing Videos #MondayMusings

 Now, COVID has become an integral part of our lives and cases are rising and reaching the peak. We all are learning to cope up with COVID. Slowly, Sanitizers and masks are becoming our must-haves. 


I think I got used to this lifestyle now. Working from home, not stepping outside except for evening walks or once or twice a month for grocery visit. We changed our focus to local hikes and scenic drives from weekend vacations and long drives. Cooking at home every day and missing the family vacations are most painful of all. 

Watch our recent Scenic drive (By the way, we started our new Colorado Family Vacation channel :-))

COVID has an impact on all parts of my life - including my Dance school. We would have done our second Annual Recital in the coming week. Of course, COVID changed everything. We moved to online classes from direct classes. So, I thought why can't we do a Virtual Recital.

The second I got the idea, I have informed the Parents, students practiced, and sent their recordings. Time for me to learn a new skill, after all. I have never edited a video or mixing it with audio earlier. 

So, the hunt began for the best free video editing software. Many suggested Kinemaster, but it didn't look that user friendly to me and there is not enough time to get used to that software. Kapwing.com and Windows Photos App came to my rescue. They helped me to edit my videos in less time. Canva.com as usual helped me with the graphics, title, and Choreography slides. 

The final output is satisfying though not perfect. That's how I learned a new skill in the last 2 months. Every day I used to spend hours and hours editing multiple videos of our student performances and uploaded them to Youtube and our Facebook group.

If you are interested in watching Indian Classical Dance videos, check out my channel, and follow my Facebook group.

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I am glad to write again for #MondayMusings :-) Thanks to Corinne for starting this link-up again. I might not be regular in linking up, but I love to join whenever I can.

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  1. These covid times came as an opportunity for us to learn new skills. Missing the family vacations for sure. Loved the dance video. Beautiful post. 😊

    1. Thanks Payal. Some benefit of being at home all the time 🙂

  2. The video is really good, Mahathi. I'm sure it's very encouraging to your students.


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