31 August, 2020

Revisiting the Word of the Year #MondayMusings

My Word of the year for 2020 is Self-care. We are already in the 9th month of the year and I want to revisit that post to see where I am with my Goals.

Personal goals set in Jan:

  • Yoga at least thrice a week - I couldn't follow this more than 2 months I believe, so I am going to give it a second try in the coming months.

  • Having nutritious breakfast at the right time every day - I could follow it most of the months. So, on track with this. 

  • Sleeping before 10 am - Could achieve most of the days - On track

  • Making time for hobbies- especially blogging and painting - I decided to step back on a few things due to health reasons and blogging is one of them. No regrets! :-) Could paint a bit though to my satisfaction.

  • Keeping Saturday for myself to relax - The best goal this year! I enjoyed my time mostly every Saturday either by sleeping more or eating out or traveling. Sundays are dedicated to my dance classes in the mornings.
The first few months were busy with office work and health problems which made me realize that I need to spend more time on Self-care then ever.

Nowadays, I am spending more time on just relaxing, taking naps in the afternoons on weekends, watching Netflix on the evenings on weekdays, taking local hikes on weekends, sleeping early every day, preparing simple meals, including more vegetables in my diet etc.,

Reducing my office work is not in my hands but I can better organize my days now. I have cancelled all my morning office calls before 7 Am however important they are. I am hoping I can continue this in future. I am trying to strictly close office work by 4 Pm, though not possible every day. 

I have reduced my time on blogging, book reading, and painting as it seems like I need more rest or reduce my office stress to some extent. 

Do you set goals for the year? or a Word of the Year? If so, do you track them?

Do let me know in the comments.

Until the next time,

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  1. Funny, I wanted to write a post on this too. I'm glad that you are being gentle with yourself. There's enough of stress in the current situation without us putting more on ourselves!

    1. write a post on tracking WOTY, Corinne 🙂 it's fun and 4 more months to go back on track.

  2. Great to see that your WOTY is making a difference in your life. I chose "Symphony" for mine - which was about bringing all the different areas of my life into balance and enjoying every minute. It's been trickier with the way the pandemic has affected us, but I think if we're intentional about self-care and looking for the positives with gratitude, then life is pretty good all in all. #MondayMusings

    1. Symphony is such a great word Leanne. It's so important these days when we are working from home and boarders between and work and family are becoming blurry.

  3. My WOTY was 'accomplish' I am trying hard. Your post inspires me to evaluate my own goal and see where I stand. Yoga thrice a week was one of my goals but I did nothing..

    1. Revisiting might help to start abandoned goals 😉 like my yoga. 4 more months left to achieve. So, don't worry.

  4. Hi Mahathi, I came over from #MondayMusings and I really enjoyed reading your post. What a great reminder to check in on my self-care plan. I'm more or less on track although I'm still battling that critical voice - hahah. I love the idea of having a word of the year though ... hmmmm... I wonder what mine would be? Perhaps compassion as that's something I've been working on for myself and by default, for others. It's not always easy but that critical voice is getting smaller which is progress :)

  5. Your post has inspired me to go, take a look at my word of the year/goals of the year, and check if I have been following it all these months!
    Thanks, Mahathi!

  6. Oh this is a meaningful post to do to track your WOTY Mahathi- I am sure you are feeling validated with your efforts. Keep at it girl :-)


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