08 July, 2009

Emotions - depend on gender?

Emotions.. Emotions .. :) :(
What are these emotions?.. Sometimes, i feel it is very difficult to handle them.
              For me, emotion is expression of some feeling, may be sad, love, happiness etc., But, what is the difference between a man's emotion and a woman's?

           Yes! there is a difference. Men tend to keep their emotions mostly in their heart, they wont let them out until last minute. They wont cry if they are hurt, instead they just get drunk and let the grudge out :)
Women tend to have more patience in handling things, but they become sensitive when it comes to relations. They usually cry and let the sorrow go out. They wont keep sorrow in their heart.

The above behaviors are general, but not applicable to all.
You know?? this is also one of the reasons why men have greater risk of heart attack than women!!!
           So friends.. Just show the emotions without keeping in heart. Angriness is also an emotion, but don't show it on your loved ones often :)
Until next time..
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