21 February, 2014

Day 6 - Date - List of best veg restaurants for a special day

This post is written for A story for a picture challenge by Marathon bloggers.
Today's theme: Date

There is a significance for this date in my life Feb 22nd.This was the date 6 years ago which became important in my life. Yes, it is our sixth marriage anniversary this year :)

Coincidentally, today is the date when i have to write about the theme 'Date' :)  This cannot be a couple date as we will be going to some restaurant with our kid. Actually, I have installed an app called zomato and iam in search of the best veg restaurant in Hyderabad.

So far, figured out the following list:

Rajadhani - Banjara hills - good for authentic Indian cuisine. A bit expensive too. Many varieties to taste!
Bikenervala - Banjara hills - good for sweets and north indian
Barbeque Nation - Banjara hills - good for barbeque
Ohris - Many locations - best for families , you will love ambiance and tasty food. A bit expensive too.
Chutney's - Many locations - best for authentic Andhra foods, especially tiffins
Little Italy - Hitec city - Italian and continental, best for different salads
Zaffron Exotic - Banjara hills - good ambiance for candle light dinner, rooftop garden, Thai, continental food
A'la Liberty - Banjara hills - North indian, continental, asian
Utsav vegeterian restaurant - Jubilee hills - North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, continental
Basil - Banjara hills - Indian, continental, Chinese - Read many good reviews, but quite expensive

So.. this is the list that i collected, now i have to choose one for today.. Me in thinking mood...

Until next time,

20 February, 2014

Day 5 - Tea - Tea breaks and my language problems

This post is written for A story for a picture challenge by Marathon bloggers.
Today's theme: Tea

Tea breaks are quite interesting in office. In my earlier organization which was in Chennai, whole team used to go to tea breaks. Tea/ coffee breaks are good for relaxation, gossiping, team bonding, teasing other team members, chit chat on silly non-work things and what not?

It's not that iam endorsing Tetley :p
Mine is a different case. I don't know Tamil and most of my team mates are Tamilians and they prefer to talk in Tamil in Tea breaks. Completely justified! We want to talk in our convenient language while hanging up! But, in the initial days, i cannot understand Tamil, so i used to simply stand and try to understand what they say and never used to enjoy those breaks. There are few, who used to translate their jokes and chit chat to English for me, but fun is only when you can enjoy a joke/ talk in it's native language. Right?

After a few months, i learnt Tamil to an extent such that i can understand everything they talk and could speak small sentences too. Fun started then, they used to tease me for my Tamil words and slang :) We used to have discussions on non-work life and it was a good relaxation between work.  It surely helped team to bond well and collaborate with each other :)

PS: In tea breaks, i used to drink hot water in those days, as i had strong feeling that i shouldn't get used to having Tea/ coffee daily :) My parents used to have tea daily and if they miss for one day, they used to get head ache. So, i didn't want that addiction. Silly me, i laugh at my thoughts now. In my current organization, iam having green tea, that's the pic :) Many asked me, how i became this lean so fast, now they know its due to green tea :)

So, this is my chai story.. what's yours?

Until next time,

19 February, 2014

Day 4 - Shadow - conversations with my kiddoo

This post is written for A story for a picture challenge by Marathon bloggers.
Today's theme: Shadow

Here is the beautiful pic that i took yesterday afternoon under hot Sun with the help of my colleague.

When i think of shadows, i remember funny faces and shapes that we used to do with hands in my childhood for summer holidays. Especially creating shapes depicting small baby, dog, smiley etc. with shadows. But, don't you think, this heart shape is easy to make and looks wonderful? The thought came so quick to my mind, it might be due to the reason that we are completing 6 years of colorful married life in this month :) 
A heart and shadow

Now, coming to the conversations with my 3 year old kid about shadow, here they are:

Kid: Amma what is this black thing on the wall?
Me: It's shadow nanna, if you don't sleep quick, it will come and eat you. See, it's moving. (It is very difficult to make him sleep, that's the reason these tactics are used :)) 

After few months he understood, shadow wont eat him :p

Kid: Amma, what is this shadow doing?
Me: It will do whatever you do dear, tell hi to him, it will also say 'Hi'
(He did so and very happy now)

After few months,

Kid: Amma, why my shadow is not there now, did it sleep? (Btw, it's night)
Me: There should be light falling on you nanna to see the shadow
Kid: Oh, then switch on the light and show me?
(I did, he is satisfied)

Kid: Amma, why shadow is very tall than me?
Me: Shadow's size depends on the angle on which light falls on you baby. (Iam afraid, if he asks more questions technically, i have to google before it :p and tried to divert the topic)

PS:I call him Nanna sometimes, with love

So, the question bank continues like this.. iam getting ready to google out more details.

Until next time,

18 February, 2014

Day 3 - Links - Trains and coaches

This post is written for A story for a picture challenge by Marathon bloggers.

When i think of links, other than hyper links in web pages, i remember tracks and trains :).

Below are some photos shared by my colleague Sreeram. (His flicker link here) A train with all the coaches linked together following same pace with beautiful rythm is nice to watch. Once my dance teacher told me, "Everything in this world is rythmic". Even trains, birds etc., How true!

All coaches linked!
See how curvey is the track :o
Once we were travelling to Annavaram from Eluru for a dance performance with our teacher. We were a big group of around 15 students of different ages from 6 to 15 or so. We played anthyakshari, dumb charades, a game called 'Name, place, thing, animal' etc., After we all were bored of the games and there is one more hour to reach our destination, we found one more fun way to enjoy. Each person used to go to Canteen in the train which is the last coach and get something to eat for the whole team. By the way, we have around 10 coaches to cross :p to reach canteen. Isn't it good that all these coaches are linked?

So, that's the story behind these pics and our love for trains and links :)

Until next time,

17 February, 2014

Day 2 - Streets

This post is written for A story for a picture challenge by Marathon bloggers.

I remember our strolls on New york streets. Myself and my colleague ventured to New york together without knowing anything about what to visit. It was a good learning experience :)

After reaching New york railway station, first thing we did is to take maps of Subway train routes and tourist places from tourism department stall. Our first priority was to visit The Statue of Liberty and it was easy to reach. Next in plan was to visit wallstreet, Empire state building and end our tour with Times square. 
Sky scrappers in New york city

Crowded Times Square
Actually, we lost our way at Wallstreet after visiting the famous bull :) we were searching for the right sub way station to travel to Empire state building. There are maps showing different toutes and tourist places displayed over pillars near signals. We took photo from our windows phone and at last searched for the right sub way. It was thrilling to roam in unknown streets only by reading maps. We loved it though :) So, this is the story behind these pics, got it? 

Until next time,

The Little hearts - [Book Review]

Book Details:
Title : The Little Hearts
Author : Ravi kumar R
Publisher: Biblica publications
Price: Rs.190, ofcourse, its Rs140/- in flipkart.com
Source: Book sent by Publisher

As i said in my earlier book reviews once, there are two types of books. One, which enlighten you, make you learn something new, which interest you till the end and Second type, which are good for time pass. The later category are easy going books which will interest you to read till the end, make you involve in the story, make you think in protagonist's shoes, but will leave your memory the day you finish the book. The Little Hearts goes to the later category.

This story is about a teenager Surya, his thoughts as a teenager, fun days in his college,his love interest etc., Story narrates how his thoughts matured from a college goer to a responsible adult. Author also touches upon some interesting issues like cast system in India, Govt officials Vs Software professionals, Books, good movies etc., through different characters in the novel.

What i liked?
The way story is narrated from Surya, his innocent thoughts, his perspectives surely let you understand a teenager and his questions in mind about different things in society in a better way. Surya once mentions how caste system develops, his grandfather allows children in the family to watch movies of their caste hero only, he praises him only, he appreciates his action only, he feels his caste hero is better than anyone and makes whole family believe the same. When same thing is said multiple times, children believe it to be true and continue the patronage of their caste hero. Thus caste system and racism develops. Right? It's simply explained. There are other mentions about communism, capitalism, differences between them, how USSR failed even though it was once a Super power. There are many interesting and thought provoking debates in the story. The way his love blossoms with Priya, his all efforts to impress her, flirt with her etc., are realistic and show you the teenage behavior. Surya's character is innocent and sensitive, with many questions in his mind. He understands hypocrisy in society and how people change from childhood and support their religion, their caste only.  Sometimes, he feels guilty, that he is also one of them. He leaves you with some thoughts and many questions lingering in your mind by the end of book.

What i didn't like?
 I felt, at many places book suddenly gets boring with lengthy conversations between Surya and Priya, between IAS bhayya and S/w bhayya and becomes too much like a lecture. At one point i felt like leaving the book in the middle and stop reading. Editing might have been good. At many places, some letters are missing in words, iam not sure if this is intentionally done, as i dont understand any reason behind it. Else, these might be print mistakes :) Surya's characterization is realistic for sure, but Priya's characterization is not. Even though Priya knows that Surya will die for her, it seems very dumb of her to leave him and go and die at last. Comon! Priya seems matured than Surya, cant she understand that she has to enjoy present and leave past behind? Actually, it seems, her passion on books and movies didnt teach anything at all. 

So, a time pass read, except for a few boring pages. 
My overall rating : 2.5/5

Until next time,

Image courtesy: flipkart.com

Fly high in the sky - Day 1 - Fly

This post is written for A story for a picture challenge by Marathon bloggers.

There was a dream from my childhood to fly high and reach the sky. You might have heard the story of Hanuman who assumed the bright Sun as fruit and flied high to grab and eat it :) My dream was not that big, it was just to fly in a plane to some exotic location, basically to travel to a foreign country. 

This photo was taken in a domestic flight when we (myself and hubby) flied for the first time to Chennai for my friend's marriage. Though i traveled to US later, this was my first flight journey and thus most memorable. 

I planned to capture many photos on that day, especially to capture Chennai beach while landing. Unfortunately, our place was nearer to the wing of the plane and so couldn't capture as expected. Excuse me for this bad quality pic :) Every first in our memories will be cherished for lifetime. My first snow fall in US, my first flight journey, my kid first time calling me Amma, each and everything is wonderful. Hope you too have these kind of memories and cherish them for life time :)

Until next time,

14 February, 2014

Coorg Chronicle - Day 2

Day 1 details here.

Our second day started afresh after taking rest in KSTDC Mayur valley. Cloudy mornings are wonderful in Coorg. Good for a walk. 
We have planned to visit maximum places on this day.
Tala Cauvery - Birth place of Cauvery
Our first destination was to 'Tala cauvery' which is around 48kms from Madikeri town. It has a temple and it is famous as birth place of river Cauvery.There are a series of steps to reach the top for an excellent view point, where we can have a 360 degree view of Brahmagiri hills. Even though climbing those many steps is difficult, its completely worth. 

Tala Cauvery - Entrance

Triveni Sangama - Bhagamandala
Returning back to Madikeri, around 8 kms on the way, we can see a tourist place called 'Bhagamandala', which is considered as 'Triveni sangamam'. It is a confluence of three rivers Cauvery, Kannike and Sujyothi. There is also a beautiful temple of Lord 'Bhagandeswara' to visit there.

After a sumptuous lunch in our hotel, we started to another famous tourist place in Coorg, which is 'Abbi/ Abbey falls'. This fall will be fantastic in rainy season. It has a hanging bridge just opposite to fall to have a good view. Water splashes on you with force in rainy season. It's awesome experience. Our next destination was on the way to Madikeri. It is 'Gaddige/ Raja's tombs'. This is a historic place with tombs of Raja Dodda Virajendra and Lingarajendra II. It is not very well maintained though. Many local people are using it for jogging and walking :)

Abbey falls - My fav place in Coorg


Other important tourist places within the Madikeri town are 'Madikeri fort' and 'Omkareshwara temple'. We returned to 'Raja's seat' to have a beautiful view of sunset in the evening. It gets dark early in Coorg, so there is not much to do in the evenings except for nature walk and shopping. Coorg is famous for coffee, home made chocolates and spices. Don't forget to buy some :)

We planned to visit Nisargadhama forest resort, Golden temple and Dubare elephant camp for Day 3 before returning to Bangalore through Mysore. So, more details on Day 3 in upcoming post :)

Hope you liked these details and pics.. 

Until next time,

01 February, 2014

Coorg chronicle - Day 1

We have planned for a peaceful 3 day trip to Coorg in December. Here are the details of Day 1:

Travel details: 
Bangalore to Coorg 
Distance: around 516 kms
Road condition : Very good (if, via Mysore)
Sunset from hotel

Started from Bangalore in the morning by car after analyzing 2 to 3 alternate ways to reach Coorg. Main route is through Mysore, Google suggests some other alternative to travel on Mangalore highway. I would say, going through Mysore is the best. Road condition is good, but since we didn't knew this, we went through some alternative route suggested by google maps which is in very bad condition. Roads were very narrow and at one place there is no road at all, only muddy road with bumps. Another advantage of Mysore road is availability of food on the route. There are a plenty of Cofee days on the way. Because of alternate route and bad roads, it took around 6 hrs for us to reach Kushal nagar which is 30kms from Madikeri town.

View from Raja's seat
We had lunch at Shanthi Bites restaurant in Kushal nagar, which is good only for Chinese varieties. We reached madikeri by afternoon and checked in to hotel 'KSTDC Mayur valley', which is nearer to a tourist place called 'Raja's seat'. It is both economical and comfortable. A non A/C Deluxe room costs around Rs.3000/- per day. All rooms in first floor have fantastic view of the valley. Even the restaurant has good view and it is excellent to have snacks in the restaurant watching sunset . It becomes dark very early in Coorg and the only place that we could visit on that day is 'Raja's seat' near our hotel. It is a normal park with a toy train, excellent view and nothing much. 
Cloudy Madikeri town - View from hotel

We planned a busy itinerary for next day. Will give details in next post.
Day 2 details here.

Until next time,

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