19 February, 2014

Day 4 - Shadow - conversations with my kiddoo

This post is written for A story for a picture challenge by Marathon bloggers.
Today's theme: Shadow

Here is the beautiful pic that i took yesterday afternoon under hot Sun with the help of my colleague.

When i think of shadows, i remember funny faces and shapes that we used to do with hands in my childhood for summer holidays. Especially creating shapes depicting small baby, dog, smiley etc. with shadows. But, don't you think, this heart shape is easy to make and looks wonderful? The thought came so quick to my mind, it might be due to the reason that we are completing 6 years of colorful married life in this month :) 
A heart and shadow

Now, coming to the conversations with my 3 year old kid about shadow, here they are:

Kid: Amma what is this black thing on the wall?
Me: It's shadow nanna, if you don't sleep quick, it will come and eat you. See, it's moving. (It is very difficult to make him sleep, that's the reason these tactics are used :)) 

After few months he understood, shadow wont eat him :p

Kid: Amma, what is this shadow doing?
Me: It will do whatever you do dear, tell hi to him, it will also say 'Hi'
(He did so and very happy now)

After few months,

Kid: Amma, why my shadow is not there now, did it sleep? (Btw, it's night)
Me: There should be light falling on you nanna to see the shadow
Kid: Oh, then switch on the light and show me?
(I did, he is satisfied)

Kid: Amma, why shadow is very tall than me?
Me: Shadow's size depends on the angle on which light falls on you baby. (Iam afraid, if he asks more questions technically, i have to google before it :p and tried to divert the topic)

PS:I call him Nanna sometimes, with love

So, the question bank continues like this.. iam getting ready to google out more details.

Until next time,


  1. nice conversations ramya... kids doubts may look funny but they really learn the things frm them :)

  2. Wow..Nice question answer session there on shadows :)

  3. Thanks Vidya.. there are many questions of these kind that i get from kid daily :)


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