20 February, 2014

Day 5 - Tea - Tea breaks and my language problems

This post is written for A story for a picture challenge by Marathon bloggers.
Today's theme: Tea

Tea breaks are quite interesting in office. In my earlier organization which was in Chennai, whole team used to go to tea breaks. Tea/ coffee breaks are good for relaxation, gossiping, team bonding, teasing other team members, chit chat on silly non-work things and what not?

It's not that iam endorsing Tetley :p
Mine is a different case. I don't know Tamil and most of my team mates are Tamilians and they prefer to talk in Tamil in Tea breaks. Completely justified! We want to talk in our convenient language while hanging up! But, in the initial days, i cannot understand Tamil, so i used to simply stand and try to understand what they say and never used to enjoy those breaks. There are few, who used to translate their jokes and chit chat to English for me, but fun is only when you can enjoy a joke/ talk in it's native language. Right?

After a few months, i learnt Tamil to an extent such that i can understand everything they talk and could speak small sentences too. Fun started then, they used to tease me for my Tamil words and slang :) We used to have discussions on non-work life and it was a good relaxation between work.  It surely helped team to bond well and collaborate with each other :)

PS: In tea breaks, i used to drink hot water in those days, as i had strong feeling that i shouldn't get used to having Tea/ coffee daily :) My parents used to have tea daily and if they miss for one day, they used to get head ache. So, i didn't want that addiction. Silly me, i laugh at my thoughts now. In my current organization, iam having green tea, that's the pic :) Many asked me, how i became this lean so fast, now they know its due to green tea :)

So, this is my chai story.. what's yours?

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  1. Nice post Ramya :)
    Your experience is exact mirror of my current situation in Pune(Breaks with Marathi colleagues)

    Only difference is I still don't understand the conversation. (Inspite of being in Pune for 5yrs :P)

  2. http://nimadas.blogspot.in/2014/02/to-tea-or-not-to-tea.html
    Read my tea story !Hope you like mine the way i liked yours!

  3. oh what a coincidence Pradeep.. i too learnt only because i had to stay at hostel at that time with Tamil friends and i watched lot of Tamil movies at that time :)

  4. Sure will read it.. Thanks Nima :)


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