04 August, 2012

Love Ya arranged marriage?

Really, it's the best topic for debate na... No one can say which is better. Even if a person has tried and experienced both these ways of marriage, he/ she cannot give a general opinion on this. Because, it varies for each and every individual. A marriage can work or fail depending on many things, it's not a simple formula, but a complex algorithm to understand :)

A successful marriage needs 3 things - Love, trust and understanding. Forgiving, caring and adjusting are required too. Ignoring misunderstandings, egos and selfishness may help.

Basic difference i see between Love and arranged marriage is - In love marriage, you are solely responsible for choosing your partner and in arranged, your parents may help in this. Whatever is the case, you are part of the process and you are responsible for your decision, right? When someone says, if something goes wrong in arranged marriage you can blame parents, i just can't accept. You are not blind folded while choosing your partner even if it is arranged. It is your responsibility to know, understand her/him and try  to make it a long lasting relationship.

Love Marriage:
  • More chance to get to know each other before marriage
  • freedom of choice
  • No guarantee of family support, which might arise problems in future
  • Expectations set before marriage which are difficult to meet after marriage due to work/ other stress
Arranged marriage:

  • Family support
  • Since partner is unknown, not much expectations set before marriage
  • A possibility of incompatible partner
  • family/ parents interference, less freedom

At last, it doesn't matter if it is love or arranged, only thing that matters is the person whom you are marrying :) right?
Sharing a funny saying that i found in web, before i end this post :) 
In a love marriage you marry your boyfriend/girlfriend and in an arranged marriage you marry somebody else's boyfriend/girlfriend.  
Please do share your opinion on love and arranged marriage in comments section. 

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Image courtesy: 99 likes.com and jmdias.blogspot.com
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  1. Nice topic ramya! I do agree with u. Love, Trust, Understanding and Selfishness are the 4 pillars on which any successful marriage would stand.
    enjoyed the last quote :-)

  2. Thanks Madam for sharing your thoughts :)

  3. Where u will get all this relevant pictures Ramya?!! ;)

  4. from Google obviously :)

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