15 February, 2012

Shimla camp - childhood memories

I will be performing classical dance tomorrow after a break of around 4 years. Iam very excited about it and you know.. my brain is getting flooded with childhood memories of my dance performances, different places we visited for  performances, different people we met etc.,

There was one children camp conducted by Junior red cross in Taradevi, Shimla. We were around 10 pupil selected from our school for the camp. This was the first trip for me outside Andhra pradesh, so i was very excited. I could say we learnt a lot from the camp. There were sessions conducted on health care, first aid techniques, preparing for disasters, voluntary service etc., Competitions were conducted on different areas like dance, music, painting, dairy reading etc.,(i received first prize in dance and second in dairy reading). Motto of JRC being HELP, SERVICE and FRIENDSHIP, all sessions or contests or activities were aligned to encourage humanity and voluntary service in children. 

They organized trekking to Tara devi temple from our accommodation which is nearer to 'Tara devi' station. It might be around 4 to 5 kms distance and it was raining heavily from morning. Nothing could dampen our excitement and it was fun to see all students wearing rain coats, carrying umbrellas walking on very narrow muddy roads in the forest. Since the road was also slippery, it was not an easy job. After reaching the hill, it was just fantastic scenery you could ever imagine with clouds below your feet. The view of Taradevi temple and landscape from hillock gives breathtaking experience. This temple is dedicated to goddess Tara devi one of the ten personifications of Parvathi, wife of Lord Shiva. The next day, we went to Shimla town and have done some shopping in 'The Mall'. Green apples were dead cheap and very delicious. Train journey from Kalka to Shimla was unforgettable as train crawls through many tunnels and around valleys. We can view Himachal pradesh apple juice factory on the way. 

Trip was for around 10 days and we missed our train while returning to Kalka from Shimla. Since there were no trains to Kalka from Taradevi station, we decided to walk through the tunnel between 'Taradevi' station and Shimla railway station to catch the next train to Kalka. It was a bit scary, but  fantastic experience to walk through rails in the darkness. 

This trip is very much close to my heart and closest encounter with the beauty of nature. Iam indebted to 'Radhamani' teacher who selected me for this trip and organized the trip very well and made it memorable in our lives.

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  1. Hi Ramya,
    nice one and i am not getting any words to express my feelings.Such a superb experience u had and i wish u will post ur wonderful experiences more and more.I wish u all the very best for ur reperformance.Infact i love dance and music a lot and lot.I have a big dream to give a stage performance and i am very happy that after marriage and having a child and in hectic schedule u are fulfilling ur dreams.All the very best.

  2. thanks Sudha for taking time to read blog and posting a comment. it is difficult only to perform after marriage, as iam unable to get time for practice. Lets see how it goes :)

  3. This is the most beautiful experience of urs i heard about you....! Feeling like i missed such a trip... :)

  4. I was just googling Red Cross Camp and I got the link to your blog.. I had been to the same Camp in October 2003 and your blog post refreshed me with all those wonderful memories.. I am still in touch with a couple of friends I had made there.. And thanks again for such a wonderful post ! :)

  5. Thanks.. glad that it reminded you of the same camp :)


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