18 December, 2006

Dhoom machale...

It has been a long time that i blogged something.. Actually i was thinking of the topic which i can share..
Festival season has come.. Christmas, New Year and Pongal are near by.. Hope all of you are busy with shopping !!! Dhoom machale Dhoom machale Dhoooooooooom :-)
Friends... Do you know the game of Christma and Chrischild?
now we are playing the same game in office. It is interesting and enjoyable game. It emphasizes the enjoyment of Give and Take policy.
The game starts with each person selecting a chit which will have the name of a colleague , who will be chris child hereafter for him/her. The person who selects chit is Christ-mom. Christmas is a season of gifts no.. So Christ-ma will give gifts to the child without revealing his/her identity. But the game is not only giving and taking gifts, but also the Christ- child obeying the commands of Christma, which may be like reading weather report in work stations, coming in traditional dress and inviting employees, imitating some actor, singing or dancing.. and so on.. many funny things... This will make the atmosphere friendly and lively..
Atlast, game will end with a party where identity of christ-ma will be revealed to Chris child on 'Christmas' day.

I wish you all have enjoyment and happiness in this festive season and also throughout your life.
Have a nice time :-)
Until next time..

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