06 July, 2010

Wise and otherwise - [Book review]

                   I love reading books a lot. Real life stories or experiences of people interest me. Recently i borrowed a book from library named 'Wise and Otherwise' written by 'Sudha Murthy'. Yeah.. Sudha Murthy is wife of Infosys founder Mr. Narayan Murthy. Heard a lot about her social work earlier and once even read a forwarded mail about her speech. It was inspiring. She is known for her Philanthropic work through Infosys foundation. She was the first woman engineer to be selected in Tata motors. She initiated a move to provide library and computer facilities to all government schools in Karnataka.

                 The book 'Wise and Otherwise' contains many short stories which are of maximum 6 pages each. Actually, they are not stories, but real life experiences of Sudha Murthy when she visited different places and met different people in her life. Mostly, all stories are around emphasizing the importance of moral values and about people's behavior in different circumstances. For novel readers, it may not sound like a very interesting book, but for people who like reading non-fiction, close to reality stories, this will be the best option. I feel, title is also apt and funny. 

So, if you get time, don't miss reading it! 

You can buy this book from here:

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  1. This was mah 1st book by sudha murthy and i serously fell in love with her writing ....it wsa the most amazing and eye opening book on humanity ....It displayed that not everything is bad in india thers good people also there dng good things to others . ......I have recommended the book to every1 i know :)

  2. True Neha.. it is really one of the best books i have read on humanity.


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