12 April, 2012

Summer holidays - childhood memories

               Summer holidays were the only thing we used to wait and dream for whole year in our childhood. Ours was a christian missionary school and we used to have Christmas holidays as well for 20 days, which was cool. But, summer holidays were always different. After Pongal holidays or Christmas holidays, we used to have some exams and so we need to study at least for some time. But no need to study anything for summer holidays.

          Every year we (my sis , me and my cousins) used to go to my grand mother's home which is in a nice village in east godavari district. As you might be knowing already, East godavari district is famous for nice scenery with many coconut trees. Our grand mother's home is a big one with around 13 rooms and a big garden behind the house. Garden has all types of trees (coconut, Guava, mango, orange, jack fruit, flower plants etc.,). So, there is always place to play many games outside the house. We used to watch TV together, play anthyakshari, caroms, hide and seek and many other games running around the house and it was very difficult for my uncles to control us when we were all together. Evening snack time was favorite. My uncle used to get sweet mangoes and water melons which were delicious to eat.

        There was one funny incident happened on one night. Power was not there on that night and all children were already slept. My aunt brought and kept a big lantern nearer to our room. My cousin woke up at that time and didn't see the lantern kept near our room, but saw the image of mirror on the wall due to lantern light. The image was in the shape of a white haired girl due to the design on the mirror. She got afraid seeing the image and shouted loudly with fear. I don't know if a shout/ fear can be contagious, but all cousins shouted one after the other waking up from sleep in panic. Every one woke up and realized the reason behind my cousin's fear and showed her that it is only a image. After she realized, we all laughed heartily for long time for the mess that she made.

Good or bad or funny or emotional, there are many memories tied to summer holidays which will remain as the best family moments in my life.
Do you have any such experiences/ memories related to summer holidays? 

Until next time,

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  1. Yeah ramya.. Summer holidays was the same for me :) all cousins meet at my grandparents village.. Miss those days, wish I could go back to childhood!

  2. Ramya, you reminded me of my holidays. It was like the best time,one thing which every kid looks forward to.

  3. @lonely planet good that you too felt the same.. meeting all cousins at grand parents place and playing is joyful :)
    @ideator true! every kid looks forward to it

  4. It was very nice reading your childhood memories. We are glad to have your entry... Wish you all the best for the contest
    - Team imlee

  5. Thanks Ashwini and team imlee

  6. I too have very fond memories of summertime, in my grandmother's house. When we cousins come together, its impossible to stop the non-stop sound and chatter. Once all of us kids went to a movie alone!

    Destination Infinity

  7. Anonymous3:26 AM

    hi mahati,

    we are in a process of writinga book for 10yr old students(English)As a theme I think summer vacation would be good for a first lesson is it ok if we take some ideas from your nice blog post? if you wish we can acknowledge your blog.

  8. That's fine Aparna. Please acknowledge my blog in that case.


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