13 July, 2015

#MicroblogMondays - Bahubali

Linking this to #Microblogmondays. Before proceeding with this post, let me explain micro blogging. It's a short post between 1 word to 8 sentences long.

#Bahubali has been the trending topic this week. I am not a big fan of SS Rajamouli, but loved his Telugu movie 'Eega' very much. Many critics praised that Bahubali is above heroism(unlike other Telugu movies) and stunning visualization enhanced the impact. Many weren't satisfied since movie ends without a conclusion and makes the fans to wait for part 2. 

However, let me watch the movie and share my thoughts, later. If not for the visual effects, I would love to watch the movie for Ramya Krishna, who rocked with her performance :-)

Meanwhile, did Bahubali meet your expectations? 

Sentences: 6, words: 96

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