04 August, 2015

Breastfeeding tips - World breastfeeding week

First week of August is world breastfeeding week.

As a mother, I understand the confusion and problems of new mothers to start breast feeding. Post-partum stress, new responsibilities, lack of support and lack of sleep might become obstacles to breast feeding. Awareness and motivation from family is the only key.

Here are some tips:

Positive spirit: It's better to know the benefits of breastfeeding before delivery itself. Keeping positive spirit that you can feed your child and milk will be enough is important. Initial obstacles on feeding position and latching of baby are very common and that is nothing to worry about. Trying again and again with patience will solve the problem.

Myth of 'Not Enough milk': This is the most common worry of new mothers that milk is not enough. One good way to go with it is to feed on demand. More latching and bonding with baby enhances milk production hormones and increases supply, so be patient and try to feed as many times as infant needs.

Proper seating position: Learn the proper seating position for feeding. This reduces lot of stress and helps in faster recovery. There is lot of material available on internet on this.

Diet changes: Drinking more water and juices hydrates body. Leave the myths on restricting healthy foods and add fruits, vegetables and nuts in your diet. Garlic and fenugreek seeds are good for increasing milk production.

Be stress free: Being cool without taking much pressure and being close to baby helps in increasing milk production. Watching your baby or listening to a soothing music or thinking of a water fall  while feeding also seems to increase milk production. Try it once :-)

Many of you might already know the benefits of breastfeeding, but let me tell you again..

  • Gives perfect nutrition to your baby
  • Protects baby from many life threatening diseases and obesity
  • Helps in growth and brain development of baby
  • Helps mother in reducing stress and risk of post-partum depression
  • Might reduce risk of some cancers in mother

Please feel free to share and spread awareness on breastfeeding.

Until next time,

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