29 February, 2016

2 videos trending in social media

I see these 2 videos trending in social media recently and all for good reasons.

First one is Our HRD minister Smriti Irani's speech and the second one is the Ariel detergent ad about gender equality.

I used to follow Smriti from the days she started acting in TV serials. I loved her acting. One fine day, I saw an interview and astonished listening to her. She is very knowledgeable on many topics relevant to the contemporary problems. She talked about solutions in a matured manner. I didn't knew at that time that she will join politics. I became a fan of her from that day. I read another article about her last year in facebook about her kind heart , ideals and helping nature.

Most of us who want to see a good change in the country are pissed off by the politicians and her speech came at the right time bringing more hope about future India.

Women in India are studying and working equal to men, but gender inequality is deep rooted in our society. We were told by elders that there are few works which men only have to do and a few which women must do. Even though environment and conditions around us changed, some people are still stuck with those old rules. You know, what I mean. The rule was the same from thousands of years. Men are primary breadwinners and women are primary caretakers of the family. This ad shows the change in the thought process of a father watching her daughter.

I am glad that these videos are trending in social media. I feel, Our society is changing for good. What do you think?

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  1. I would love to see a change. These social movements are definitely helpful; however, the real change will be witnessed only when each family respects the women of their family and set an example im front of the kids.

    1. True Ankita, at least these kind of movements started now, hope many families start thinking beyond the old set of rules

  2. I used to love Smriti Irani too until she started to make a fool of herself in Indian politics. I was expecting a factual comment from HRD minister but alas she disappointed me again. No wonder everyone mocks her for her Yale degree

  3. I don't follow politics very closely Chitajit, but I believe, Smriti Irani is honest in her attempts to make something good for the country. Time has to tell if she can contribute to India's progress.


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