06 March, 2019

Rise and Soar Women ! Your life and your choices #HappyWomensDay

I start my day before every one else.
I do all household work and iam happy when the family helps me in regular chores. I take care of the family, make budgets, plan the expenses and take pride in being responsible.

With just appreciation,  love and support of the family, I feel blessed. It's my life and my choice to be a homemaker.


Iam passionate towards my work. I love using my skills at work place and go ahead in my career.

Some say, I don't spend more time with my family, some say I am over ambitious,  some see as if it is a sin for a woman to focus on her career. But, I love what I do and iam capable of balancing both work and family.

It's my life and my choice to be a working woman.


I am just a 15 year old girl with a lot of dreams and future goals. While relatives saw a girl as burden to the family, my parents are struggling every day to continue my schooling.

I will study hard, get a good job and earn a good position in the society.  I will prove others wrong and make my parents proud.


Iam 32 and am proud to be an young entrepreneur. While everyone said, it's time to marry , I decided to focus on my business and iam proud of all my achievements.

It's my life and my choice of putting my ambition before every thing else. Whether I get support or not, I gladly accept and work towards my goals.


I too have dreamed of love and marriage like the other girls. But, fate has something else in her mind.

I tried my best to adjust, to tune myself to his interests but cannot lose my self respect and experience abuse in the name of marriage. Even though society outcasted me, I know I can stand on my own shoes and iam happy to be a positive and strong woman.

It's my life and my choice to get a divorce from an abusive relationship.

It's not my fault to have born in a poor family but I have to bear the result. I know that my father is already planning to marry me off to a 60 yr old for a huge sum, I have to take a decision against my family.

I ran away from our house and iam lucky to be found by this NGO who is sponsoring my education.

I believe, I have a great future ahead. It's my life and my choice to be brave and to achieve my goals.

Dear woman,

Whatever may be your goal, in whatever stage you are, believe in yourself. You are enough! Don't give up. Every step towards the goal counts.

Rise and soar women! Happy women's day 🎉⚘

Until next time,

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  1. Super duper excited to be part of this Train. This women's day lets lift each other up and not judge the other women

    1. Me too excited to be part of this blog train Kapila.

  2. Self belief is so important - no matter what path we choose for our life!

    1. True! Thanks for dropping by @modern gypsy

  3. Wow. I am so happy to have connected with you Ramya. This one is mind blowing. Keep being the best person that you are

  4. There are so many types of women and each of them unique and a fighter in every sense. they dont have it easy at all. if only we women saw how wonderful we are.

    1. Right Nayantara. We are enough and we should never give up.


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