09 April, 2019

Our Summer Travel wish list #funwithfamily

Summer break is coming soon. As a family who love traveling, Iam excited to plan some good vacations. There are many places on top of my mind around Colorado. Let me share those.

Fortunately , we covered 80% of Colorado in the last 2 years and now,  we want to venture out to the neighborhood states.

Here are a few places that iam planning this summer for our family vacation.

1. Utah
This is the first place in our list. Since Utah has many family friendly national parks, it's a must visit. I would like to visit Arches national park, hike the beautiful trails and experience the sunrise and sunset with the amazing geological formations in the backdrop.

I am also planning to visit Zion national park which is famous for its red cliffs and gorgeous canyons.

If time permits,  I would love to visit Bryce canyon to enjoy scenic views and watch the hoodoo rocks.

2. Yellowstone national park, Wyoming
Ofcourse,  this is a must visit place. Else, how can we get to see the most dangerous volcano in North America with all its hydrothermal wonders?

I would love to visit the old faithful hotspring splashing hot water like a fountain. Also, the colorful grand prismatic Springs. My kids would love this unique experience.

3. Telluride and Ouray
This trip from Colorado is pending from last summer. We were ready to visit the beautiful Telluride in harsh winter but somehow we had to change the plans to visit Santa fe, New Mexico instead.

This trip is long. We want to visit the Switzerland of America- Ouray, Visit the tallest waterfalls in Telluride, take Gondola ride, drive to Mesa vere national park, enjoy the scenic views of Durango and Silverton and experience the hot springs in Pagosa springs. A big road trip, right? So, even if it's late to plan, we want to ensure we cover all these places.

4. Mt Rushmore, South Dakota
We have seen this place with the USA president's faces beautifully etched on rocks in multiple movies, right? It might take 2 days to drive to Mt.Rushmore, but I think, this trip is worth it.

I want to include crazy horse and wind cave national park in this trip.

5. Glacier national park, Montana

Rocky mountains,  glacier lakes and Alpine scenery- I can only imagine this place to be like heaven.

I heard, "Going to Sun Road" is a must drive with water splashing on the road.

I will include Baring falls, Haystack creek and bird woman falls in our trip.

So, that's a lot of planning for Summer. Let's see if I can achieve my travel goals this year. Ofcourse,  I will update you all through my travelogues in my blog. Wait for it 🙂

Until next time,

Pc: All pics from pixabay.com

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  1. That's a great wishlist! I should put Colorado on my list... Some day... Perhaps...

  2. Thats a wow wishlist. Hope to see these places someday.

    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog Gayatri

  3. I hope you can achieve your travel goals this summer.. Good luck and happy traveling

  4. I am eagerly waiting for your posts on these places once you visit. This is definitely a perfect travel wish list :)

    1. Sure Kavita, will share my travelogues soon.

  5. Utah is such a beautiful place for a family trip! I was there recently and already looking forward to when I go back.

    cabin twenty-four

    1. True Eena. We are planning a trip soon.


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