10 December, 2019

Whee to the Moon by Arron Charman - [Book Review]


Neil is a young boy who likes to scream “whee!” with excitement when he’s at the playground. Neil develops a love of flying. As he gets older, he learns how to fly aircraft that will take him on many different adventures. Even though he is now a grown up, Neil still excitedly screams “whee!” as he gets to fly all the way to the Moon!

Information about the Book

Title: Whee to the Moon
Author: Arron Charman
Release Date: 24th September 2019
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 34
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

My Review:

This story is about Neil's ambition and passion towards flying, space and the Moon mission. This book talks about the each phase in Neil's life which shaped him adventurous. The illustrations are apt, supporting the incidents in his life. 

My 8 year old Son really loved the story as he is also interested in Space missions. I loved the way the story is written in a simple way for kids. 'Whee to the moon' is the perfect title. 

I recommend this book to all kids above 6 years of age. 4 to 6 years kids also will love this when parents read to them.

My Rating: 5/5

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