15 July, 2020

Gratitude List for Jun 2020 #GratitudeCircle

While I am writing this post, the USA hits 35 lakhs cases of COVID -19 with 60k cases per day. India is also racing with 7 lakhs cases in 4th place. 

Now, this is certain that it takes more time than expected for the pandemic to reduce its' impact. We all should be planning about staying home for some more time, wearing masks, washing our hands often, reducing grocery and outside trips until unless necessary. 

Instead of worrying about the Corona Virus or the economy and jobs, we can feel grateful for the roof on our heads and good health. I think we all need HOPE that things can get better. Let's hang on with Hope, everything will be fine soon.

My Gratitude List for June 2020:

Birthday :

It's my birthday month. I celebrate the birthday with cakes, and candles even after crossing 30 years, thanks to my family :-) But, that was a busy day with office calls in the middle of cake cutting (fun due to Working from home :p).


Travel :

This month, again the COVID cases are on the rise, but June was the month where we saw some fewer cases. Fortunately, We could visit some beautiful places around which were less crowded.

One such drive is 'Skyline Drive' in Canon city. Check this video, By the way, I started my new Youtube channel to post travel videos. Do subscribe if you like.

Youtube Channel - Colorado Family Vacation

We also visited 'Lookout Mountain', another scenic drive near Denver.


I am grateful to have a job in these uncertain times. I am thankful as I could also learn and improve myself in technical skills.  

I changed the timings of office calls, carved out some time for Yoga in between calls, and also could cook healthy breakfast in between office work. So, I am adjusting to the new normal and using it to my benefit.

Health :

I am grateful to God for my health. June has been very good health-wise. I tried some different healthy recipes and slept nicely for more than 8.5 hrs a day. 

I could start Yoga again and make it regular in my routine life. I have to see how long I can continue my Yoga in the mornings.

I thought it's difficult to write a gratitude list during social distancing when there isn't not much to enjoy life outdoors, but shouldn't we be grateful for simple things in life like food, job, health, and availability of essentials?

Be thankful, Be Kind, and more than ever, have hope.

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Gratitude List

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  1. Wish you belated Happy birthday Ramya. Not only our wedding anniversary month is same but also birth month :) Me too June born :) Stay safe and healthy. Wishing you great months ahead.


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