19 June, 2021

Grand Teton National Park trip with kids - What you need to know

Grand Teton National Park trip with Kids

Grand Teton National Park with the majestic Teton mountain range, lush green valleys, and alpine lakes attracts millions of visitors every year.

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What you need to know:

This park is located to the north of Jackson in the Wyoming state of USA. The entry fee per vehicle for a seven-day pass is $35.

The Park can be reachable by flying to Jackson / to Salt lake city and driving around 4.5 hrs on road. 

Top things to do in Grand Teton National Park with kids:

Drive the scenic loop:

One of the must-do things is to drive the scenic loop. We took the scenic drive from Moose Entrance. 

One great thing about the park is that we can see the zigzagged Teton mountains everywhere from the park.

Teton Peak

Some viewpoints with great overlooks are Windy Point Turnout,  Mount Moran turnout, Chapel of Sacred heart, Cascade mountain overlook, Jackson dam, Schwabacher landing, Oxbow bend overlook, Cascade Canyon overlook, and Snake river overlook.

Jackson Dam

This 42-mile long drive takes around 1 to 2 hrs.

Take a boat ride on Jenny Lake and Hike to Hidden Falls:

Jenny lake is the most popular site in the park and parking gets filled pretty quick. 

Jenny Lake

We can either hike around Jenny lake / ride the boat shuttle which runs every 15 mins from South Jenny Lake Junction. With kids, it's better to take a shuttle so that they can hike to hidden falls easily.

The boat ride (round trip) costs $18 for adults and $10 for kids above 2 years.

Hidden Falls

We took the shuttle in the afternoon, hiked to Hidden falls and to Inspiration point. The views are awesome during hikes and boat rides. 

The hidden falls are excellent with a magnificent flow of water. The hike to Inspiration Point is not easy with more elevation and steep path, but we took more breaks and could make it. The view of Jenny Lake from the Inspiration point is unexplainable in words. 

Take a hike to Taggart Lake:

This hike came well recommended for families with kids. Taggart lake trail is around 3.3 miles out and back trail. A few people hike to Bradley lake as well. The trail is an average difficulty level with mostly flat and less elevation.

The lake gives the best reflection of Tetons in the water. We could even get our feet wet and relax a bit with snacks at the lake. 

Click a Photo of photogenic Mormon Row barn:

Most of you might have seen this beautiful barn with the background of the majestic mountains. It's so popular that people set up their cameras with tripods in the early morning and evenings and wait for hours to get a better shot with different lighting. Artists even paint there to cover the gorgeous scene.

Mormon Row is on the Antelope flats road near Moose entrance.

We visited this place in the evening when the sun is still bright. But, photos might be better in the evening.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay 

Enjoy the food and facilities at Dornan's:

Dornan's near Moose Entrance is a great place to have a quick lunch/dinner or stop by for ice cream and snacks. Chuckwagon Grill provides lunch and dinner options. 

There is a gas station here as well. 

Other Food options:

  • Leek's marina near Jackson lake - Northern part 
  • Mural dining room, Jackson lodge
  • Pioneer Grill in the Jackson Lake Lodge for the best milkshake

Other things to do with kids:

  • String Lake - 4.4 miles - slightly difficult with kids - but possible with many rest breaks

  • A drive through the Jenny lake loop to get Jenny lake overview

  • A drive to Signal mountain

  • Relax at Colter bay - one of the highest alpine lakes in the USA

Hope you liked our itinerary and I would be glad if this helps in your planning.

Please do let me know in the comments how you plan to visit this national park. 

More travelogues on Yellowstone and Idaho follow soon in the coming posts.  

Until next time,

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