31 December, 2021

Word of The Year 2022 - Change

 Following some fellow bloggers and friends, I started this tradition of setting a word every year to focus on it. I did a very bad job in focusing on that word last year. I even forgot the word that I have set. It doesn't mean that I cannot try again! So, a post to set a word for the year 2022. :-)

Hope you all celebrated the new year! This year, we just moved to a new place and so, it's a lot of work packing and unpacking during the new year. We are excited to arrange our new home, settle into the new place, adjust to new weather, and make new friends. So, we are in the process of many changes.

Of course, this is the word I need to focus on this year. This came to my mind without much thinking.

Change is inevitable and sometimes, challenging as well. But, I believe change is good. Actually, my sentence should be "adapting to the change". Since it's a single word, setting it to CHANGE makes sense.

Here is to the new beginnings. Cheers and Happy New Year 2022. Hope this new year brings you all Love, Happiness, and Good Health. 

Until next time,

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