12 February, 2023

5 Tips to write a better blog post #WriteAPageADay

Though I am not an expert in blogging, I have been in this blogosphere(is that a word?) for more than 10 years and I have learned a lot of tips from other bloggers and incorporated many and saw some success. So, Why not share the knowledge that I gained? 

Here are my 5 tips for writing a better blog post:

I won't talk about Content. If you are a blogger, you already know that a blog post is centered around a topic / main content. We, bloggers are here to write and share our content. So, of course, that's the essential part of blogging.

But, my tips are about everything else like infographics, images, signatures, tags, headlines, promotion blah blah...

Narrow down on the Topic :

It always helps to narrow down the topic. A focused blog post explaining a specific topic is the best for SEO.

If you are planning to write a post on the best places to visit in Austin, try narrowing it down further. You can add the number to the title to make the list smaller and easier to read.

You can also focus on specific needs like 

5 best places to hike in Austin

5 best family-friendly places in Austin

5 state parks near Austin

5 best Spring break destinations around Austin

5-day trips near Austin

5 best weekend Gateways from Austin

Add Nice Images:

Pictures are an essential part of a blog, especially for a travel blog.

Original images taken by you are the best. But, if you don't have original pics, search for non-copyrighted images on sites like pexels.com, and pixabay.com. You can also search on Google, click the Image tab, and apply the filter 'Tools >> Usage Rights -> Creative commons license'.

Don't forget to add a watermark of your blog address or social media handle on your original pictures.

Research Deep:

A simple topic or a complex blog post - both of them need research. When we are writing for a larger audience we should know what our readers look for in our blog post. 

If it's a travel post, I search on google with the place name and see what others search for and what topics come on the top of the results. 

I also collect information on the Geography and historical significance of the place to include in my post. 

Read content twice and edit:

I always stress good editing. Many people write good content, but only a few people write content without grammatical errors and in a professional way. 

It puts me off when I read any post with spelling mistakes. I use the Grammarly plugin to correct my posts. It's free to use and very helpful.

I read my blog post twice before publishing it. I check if the tone is casual, friendly, and not preachy. I see that my post has some researched facts and is useful. I see that my post is not based on rumors. I try to give a personal touch to all my posts. 

Design social media images and Promote:

Even though you write the best content, if it doesn't reach the audience it goes to waste. Promotion helps our post to reach more people. 

I design my social media promotion images on canva.com. Such a free, reliable, and the most efficient app. I design at least one Pinterest image for my readers to pin my post and one Instagram image with my blog watermark.

So, here are my basic tips to write a better blog post. What are your tips or suggestions? do let me know in the comments. 

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Mahathi, thank you for sharing your five tips for writing an effective blog. I do most of them except the last, maybe because I still need to learn the art of promotion. :)

    1. thanks for reading my post Deepti. Iam glad the tips are helpful.


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