09 March, 2023

Things that make me smile #FridayReflections

 I took this prompt from the list shared by Shalini here.

What makes you smile? I love to talk about this topic. 

I smile when ...

  • I see The Sun rising in the morning with colors changing in the Sky while having coffee

  • My kiddo wants to hug me without any reason

  • I visit some new place 

  • I am satisfied that the code I wrote meets my standards or even when my blog post looks good when I read it.

  • I spend time with my family watching some movies together.

  • I tease my son to take a lot of photos of me in all poses and he obliges.

  • I see my son performing for the band or showcasing his new skill.

  • I see that I got a comment for my blog post 😀

  • My students perform well on stage

  • I could write a meaningful blog post 

  • I could practice dance well and perform better on stage

  • I feel relaxed after yoga session

  • I feel the breeze on my face after hiking

  • I sit back to enjoy the nature

The list is really big. So, let's leave it here.

What makes you smile? Do let me know in the comments. 

Have a nice day!

Until next time,

Linking this to #FridayReflections.


  1. The little things are the most important and I'm sure the joy and satisfaction of seeing a student do well is really great.

  2. What a lovely prompt. There are so many things that make me smile too - a blooming flower, birds, nature, a crooked or even sprawling tree, time spent with my precious family, salads and soups, daal chawal, a well written book, a blog post, a good night's sleep, a good work out, a song or my favourite playlist, exclusive dates with my DH, meeting friends over a cuppa, dancing, gardening, writing, journaling, my gratitude journal, a nice shower, a good body spray, a summer dress that lets the skin breathe, my doggos when they cuddle upto me, animals and all of wildlife, skywatching, meditating.

    Okay, the list is endless so I'll stop now. :)

  3. That's a wonderful list, Mahathi. I can relate to many things in your list. :) Reading this post made me smile. Thank you for that! :)

  4. Such a lovely post, Ramya! Reading this made me smile and also reminded me of the many things that we count on to make us feel happy and cheerful. We do need such reminders from time to time and stay grateful for the not-so-little blessings that are always around us!


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