29 June, 2023

The Views from the window #BlogchatterBlogHop

Mindfulness is the new way of life. Many of us know that being mindful and present at the current moment is very important.

Do you agree with this quote?

This is the new mantra in my life recently. Enjoying little things like watching the colors in the sky, tending to my plants, observing the weather, nature around me etc., give me happiness and satisfaction in life.

The view from our window is wonderful most of the days. 

Image by Joe from Pixabay

Summer Sky

I am saying most of the days because here in Austin, summers are quite harsh with temperatures going above 100 F.  It is usually a clear sky and less clouds on a bright sunny day as such. 

I wonder how plants survive this heat.  Plants in our garden like mint quickly die due to over heat until unless protected indoors by watering twice a day. We experience the dangerous heat conditions from June to August end. Those are the days we don't venture out until the evening when the earth cools down a little around 7.30 PM. 

Rainy Days

I love the rainy days. Thunderstorms, downpour, Strong fresh breeze, Lightenings, Sun peeping behind clouds, and A Colorful rainbow :-)

I wait like a child for a rainbow after every rain. When sky puts up on a show, how can I see somewhere else? Event from the window or driving in a car, I always search for a little sun shine and rainbow.

The colors of rainbow make my day.

Lovely rainbow on a rainy day

Freezing days

It is not common to see snow or freezing temperatures in Austin. But, we experienced freezing temperatures the last winter and the view from window is enchanting.

The plants, grass blades and leaves shined with freezing ice. Even with temperatures in single digits, we couldn't stop ourselves going out and capturing photos. The driveway and footpaths were frozen and slippery. However, it was fun to watch the ice embracing everywhere around.

How beautiful are those views just form our window?


I like the golden hour in the evening. The time when the sky changes colors from orange shades to deep reds. Some days, we get lucky with this kind of Sunset view.

So, what do you say? Aren't these little things wonderful?

Do let me know in comments.

Until next time,

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  1. Yes, it is the little things that give us the greatest pleasures in life. Very well-described.

    1. Iam glad you agree. Thanks for dropping by my blog Marietta.


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