24 September, 2023

Free Simple Online games without ads which are relaxing and fun

I am not a gamer and I don't enjoy video games with violence. But, I certainly love playing word games, solitaire , candy crush , Tetris blocks, chess, sudoku etc.,

Fun Games

I believe, Gaming should be fun and relaxing. It shouldn't be addictive. I don't like to install games on my phone and waste the memory. You know, I take a lot of high resolution photos and videos for my travelogues, so memory on my phone is precious :-)  

I love this website where I can play some of my favorite games for free and without ads. It's a WIN WIN as I need not install any app on my phone. 

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Free Games without Ads

Who doesn't love free games? That too without ads? I like the part about no ads. Even with the apps that I install on my phone, I am frustrated with ads and the waits until the ads load and complete. In-App purchases are another annoying thing for me about gaming apps.

Now, Coming to the part of my favorite games which are simple.

Candy Fiesta:

The most simple game of matching 3 candies with same color. This is so fun and relaxing. Super Simple to play. 

The steps are clear incase you don't know how to play. The colors are good and not glaring. The candies look yummy. 

Zuma Ball

This is not so simple, a little challenging and a lot of fun. I love this for it's complexity while giving some fun. 

You just have to shoot the colored ball matching on the ones coming down like a train before time is up.


My kids love this guessing game. 

We should guess where our opponent might have placed their battleship and try to fire it before he does.

A simple guessing game, not a lot of strategy. It is similar to minesweeper game.

I also like the classic games like Solitaire, Chess and Sudoku.

What games do you usually play? Let me know in comments.

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