07 November, 2023

5 Simple Diwali Decoration ideas for your home

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Diwali / Deepavali is my favorite festival. Lights, crackers, Lakshmi Pooja, and sweets make this festival special. I have many treasured memories of Diwali.

Diwali is celebrated as the day Ram returned to Ayodhya with Sita. People celebrate it as festival of lights which symbolizes removal of darkness/ ignorance by knowledge or light. This is also the day when Satyabhama, Krishna's beloved wife defeated demon 'Narakasura'. Usually, everyone will offer pooja to Goddess Lakshmi in the evening of Diwali.

There is a term 'Diwali Cleaning'. Cleaning the house before Diwali is considered important as people believe that Goddess Lakshmi comes to our house on Diwali. That is the reason we decorate our homes, light lamps and place them in every corner of our house also indicating the win of Good / light over evil/ Dark.

This is how we celebrate Diwali / Deepavali. Also, check this post on how to involve kids in festivities

Being a working mom and a dance teacher, I don't get to spend a lot of time on shopping for decor, So I prefer a simple Diwali with easy decoration ideas.

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Here are my 5 simple Diwali Decoration ideas:

1. Rangoli


I choose simple designs, wet the surface a little, draw with chalk and fill it with colors. I also place flowers on the rangoli and place Diyas. It usually takes 20 mins to 1 hr. I create rangolis on the evening of Diwali.

This washable chalk is more than enough and is cheap. 5 shades of colors with glitter is perfect.

Image by Samir Khanal from Pixabay

2. Floating candles


flowers / flower petals

I fill a traditional brass bowl or a glass bowl with water and place the lighted floating candles with some flowers. Sometimes, I also add decorative gel beads in a glass tumbler or a candle holder and place the floating candle above it on water. Looks good as a center piece on the table or any corner of the house. 

Image by F1 Digitals from Pixabay

3. Decorative hangings

Marigold garlands are always a good deal. A set of 5 to 10 garlands would be good to hang. But, recently I am in love with these lotus hangings

4. DIY Diwali Decor


We try different crafts every year for Diwali with kids.

We paint clay diyas with many designs and use them for decoration. 

We used to prepare paper lanterns with construction paper. We also made paper diyas and decorated them on wall. 

Check this video for similar crafts - https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=zLgdz_3G51A

5. String lights and LED lamps

Diwali decor is not complete without the lights. These string lights behind transparent white curtains make house look bright , but simple.

LED diyas are good option in USA as we are scared of lighting many lamps inside the house due to fire danger. Also, due to weather, diyas / candles might not stay long, where LED diyas might come handy.

It's fun to arrange these LED lights on fancy candle holders / glass voltives.

We usually perform Lakshmi pooja in the evening, offer sweets to Goddess, light lamps / diyas, arrange these lights around the house and light sparklers and fire crackers to end the day.

Are there any other simple decor ideas that you suggest? Please do let me know in comments.

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