03 May, 2024

Odd Devils by Zwahk Muchoney - [Book Spot Light]

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Here is an interesting book on Occult fiction! This book has a series of unusual short stories with moments of horror. 

Book Details:

Title: Odd Devils

Author: Zwahk Muchoney 

Genre: Occult fiction, horror, short stories

Publisher: Independently published (Dec 11, 2023)

Print length: 195 pages


Satan was once a mortal shepherd, but through a tragic series of events he became the icy hearted angel of the damned. Aleister Crowley creates an astral doll in the shape of a child and forces it to live on as a double of himself. A mortal woman falls in love with a demon. A new angel is born in Hell.


Crowley turned to the creature, and said-

"Now that the festivities have ended, we have work to do." He put on a dark blue silken robe and a peculiar hat, pulled out what appeared to be blueprints, and opened them up on his desk. The creature took a peak, but hadn't the faintest idea what any of the symbols or drawings meant. Its master turned to it and said-

"I believe you are like some kind of astral automata, and that I was the one who created and arranged your clockwork, but I made you far too simple, in large part because I didn't realize what I was doing at the time." Crowley cut out another line of his magical white powder, and said-

"It's no good, going to the trouble of teaching you to read my books if you can't remember them, so I do believe I've figured out how to improve your mechanisms. By my own operations, I will transform you from a wind-up doll to something with a level of complexity akin to a motor car."


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About the Author:

Zwahk Muchoney writes all manner of strange occult fiction. A long time resident of Western Washington State, this author is always looking to blend comedy and tragedy in order to create the attempted perfection of book swooning bliss.

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