16 March, 2012

Should we show sympathy?

Did you see beggars irritating people near traffic signals? How do you react? Sometimes, i don't know how to react - whether to show sympathy or hate them for their pestering attitude. They knock the car windows again and again even if we signal them to move away. Their main objective is not to request us to give money, they want to irritate us by touching many times(if we are in auto/ bike) such that we will end up giving something to just avoid them.

 It's not that i don't have sympathy on them. But, if you have watched the movie 'Slumdog millionaire' you might have understood that there will be a big gang around it, who will sedate little children or sometimes infants too and send them with a lady for begging to win on sympathy factor. The gang will set the targets for them and until and unless they earn that much amount they will not be given any food. Whose mistake is this? whom to be blamed in such situations? We cannot see the gang behind these beggars and just show our anger on beggars. 

We also listen of accidents near traffic signals due to these kind of people running between cars and bikes  creating a confusion when green signal is given. In some places, police check that beggars don't come between signals and interrupt traffic, but in some areas in the city, situation is still the same. 

I remember my father's advice in my childhood. He said once, if you really want to help a beggar, take them to a hotel nearer, order a meal and pay the bill. Because, few beggars request money saying they haven't eaten for a long time. So, that will suffice them. You know.. my father actually did that many times. I have also seen a few who will beg money to buy liquor and enjoy :) those will obviously reject the offer :) I think, basic necessities are food and clothing for any one. So, if we can help them with these both that's enough. No need to give money specifically.

What do you think? 

Until next time,


  1. for the first time, i feel like i should yell at them.
    i feel bad later, so i will give some coins and pack them.
    we are also helpless with our feelings
    good post and made me to think about it

  2. Thts true ramya! most of the beggars use their money for illicit activities only. so we shouldn't encourage them by giving more money. Good idea is to distribute them food n cloths. Mostly we too try to give them in the form of basic needs rather than by giving money. Hope this post will encourage more people to think abt it n follow the same :)

  3. thanks for sharing your thoughts Deepak and Jyothi

  4. Totally agree with with your views. I too discourage them and tell others to do the same.

  5. glad that you agreed to my view Inderpreet.


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