10 July, 2013

I saw, I learnt.....

I truly believe, we set a good example and we are first role models for our children. Every child learns good or bad from parent's behaviour , society , teachers and from situations and challenges that he/ she faces.

From childhood, i also saw and learnt many things from different people, places and situations. My dad prepares budget every month and calculates his expenses and discuss with my mom. Initially, i used to wonder why he need to note down every expense even though how small it is and what is the use of tracking all this information. But as i grew up, learnt that this small task makes a lot of difference on our style of living. When we track things, we know our spending pattern, where we spend more and where we spend less. It helps in planning, when we doesn't have enough money for any month due to any reasons. If we know we spend too much on shopping clothes every month, when there is a need to cut down expenses, we know that this is the area that we can cut down.

My mother has hell lot of patience and she always takes care of relatives/ guests with smiling face. Even though it is difficult to manage house hold work single handed, she wins accolades for her cooking, her patience and love. I couldn't embrace this quality completely but i try to imitate her :-p

I was always in top 4 ranks in school and never knew a failure in academics. But, once i failed in some exam, which i didn't remember now, it was a unit test kind of, which they conduct between quarterly and half yearly exams. Cried a lot for that, later, understood that this is not a big thing to worry about. These things happen, we need to rectify the mistakes and try again. Since it was the first time i faced a failure in academics, it made me worried. That's why i feel, failures are needed in life to enjoy the taste of success and to learn the importance of patience and hard work.

It is very important to teach simple things to children by showing as an example like switching off lights when not needed, not wasting water and food , talking polite, being cool in pressure situations etc., Children learn these kind of habits only from observation, either from society or parents. What do you think?

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  1. Yes, we learn from our parents or society... but what is vital is the wish to let there be a learning through observation. So a keen observation is what makes us all learn.

    Arvind Passey

  2. you are right Arvind.. Few people may not observe and learn anything at all, in my case, i was never interested in cooking and never learnt anything by observing my mother. We learn few things on need basis :)

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